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  • eggs - goose, quail, pheasant - chicken

    Hi all, I'm a newb... and as I was browsing the supermarket egg shelf (to pick up som free range chicken eggs) I noticed they also stock: goose eggs, pheasants eggs, and quail eggs.

    I'm assuming that as long as they are from pastured animals they should be as good as (free range) chicken eggs. Does anyone know how the nutrients compare? And if there is a 'winner' so to speak? as I've never tried any of them before.

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    I don't know about the nutritional value - but goose egg makes an awesome omelette, and hard boiled quail eggs taste divine. I love them with a mix of sea salt and ground cumin to dip them in. Yummy !


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      The more variety the better, I say. Wish I could get some goose and pheasant eggs, sounds bloody awesome.
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