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Ooops....accidental IF!

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  • Ooops....accidental IF!

    This will by my first IF experience on PB. I forgot to pack a lunch and can't leave the office and won't eat anyting non primal.

    Last eating time was 7:30 last night, hunger pang on normal lunch time but has now dissapeared.

    Plan on getting some steak for dinner with some kale and bacon on the side and looking forward to it! Dinner will probably be around 7:30 so a 24 hr. IF for me today.

    It is interesting to note now after being Primal for a little over 6 weeks that I would in no way be able to do an IF but on PB my body seems to be adapting to it very quickly. Hard to explain but when I was eating based on CW I would have eaten my computer and desk by now, but on PB the hunger just came and went and now I am just waiting to take the dogs out when I get back home and have a killer workout!