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Controlling our Food: French Documentary on Monsanto

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  • Controlling our Food: French Documentary on Monsanto

    Has anyone watched this video about Monsanto?

    Controlling Our Food

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    Some of the crap they pull is just amazing. People should be very concerned.


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      It's unreal that our government is just a puppet for them.


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        I watched the first couple of minutes and it looks very interesting and scary. I'll definitely have to finish watching when I have more time later.
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        -Sparrowhawk, The Farthest Shore by Ursula K. LeGuin


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          The more you look, the crazier it gets..

          Patents for pigs?
          Monsanto attempts to claim patent ownership of pigs

          Seed monopolies?
          Monsanto uses patent law to control most of U.S. corn, soy seed market |

          It got so crazy overseas, there is even a famous "seed activist" fighting back-
          sophie munns: homage to the seed: "Millions against Monsanto" - people rallying March 26th in the US

          Google: Dr Vandana Shiva

          Next thing you know, someone will claim to "own" the water.

          Oh wait, that already happened, in Bolivia.. At least it wasn't Monsanto behind that one.