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What's the 'best' alcohol to drink if wine is out?

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    Originally posted by Nanzi View Post
    Daisy Eater, isn't bourbon mostly corn mash? Thinking back to the good ole boys mixing up sour mash.

    Just checked and Bourbon, in the US to be called Bourbon, must be 51% corn, but the rest is grains. And bourbon makes me ill, always has, my parents drank it exclusively, and I can't stand even the smell of it.

    I'm surprised that the contents of boozes can have such a profound effect on our bodies. Guess I shouldn't be after becoming Primal!!
    Yep. My understanding is the gluten is gone, but maybe you're just extra sensitive. I'm more surprised the vodka gets you. Vodka is usually fractionally distilled or distilled repeatedly to get rid of as many of the non-alcohol components as possible. It's often filtered many times, too. Whisky and such use a pot distillation which keeps more of the cogeners and flavor components of the original fermented substance.