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  • Your opinion on this shake?

    One glass coconut milk.
    Two tablespoons cocoa.
    A third of a can of pumpkin.

    Since going 100% paleo, this seems amazingly good to me. On the other hand, it's pretty "industrial" in some ways. Cocoa and canned pumpkin aren't exactly what a Stone Age man would have eaten. But it seems to hit the spot.

    So my weird dinner was a tin of herring (35 g protein) and two of these shakes. This would make some people shudder. But my tastes have changed.

    Anyway, tell me what you think (unless it makes you ill to contemplate) and maybe try it. I think I am going to go make another one.

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    I'm curious too. Maybe it means there's something inherantly wrong with me, but I think this sounds kind of good.


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      I'm game to try just about anything at least once. I'll probably add a couple scoops of Whey Isolate in lieu of the canned herring.


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        Sounds yummy! I'd probably swap out the cocoa for cinnamon and nutmeg, and call it a pumpkin pie shake.


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          I on the third round, I dropped in a fat tablespoon of almond butter and two raw eggs. It was much richer that way. Oh, and I forgot that I was adding cinnamon to every round.


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            I dunno, these shakes sound really really tasty to me. Especially with the addition of eggs. Sounds like a crazy egg nog. And boy, do I love me some egg nog.


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              35g of fish for dinner? Are you getting enough protein? A lot of people adopting PB find they have too much fat and too little protein unless the set targets and monitor. Sounds to me you're getting to much fat from your shakes and your protein intake is suffering
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                well, here's how it stacks up nutritionally:

                for 2 cups of coconut milk (estimating here)
                2 eggs
                7 oz of canned pumpkin (assuming your can was a 15 oz one, if it's more then that changes the stats)
                2 tablespoons cocoa powder
                1 tablespoon almond butter

                there are
                1,423 calories
                52.6 grams of carbs
                28.6 grams of protein
                134.6 grams of fat

                so just slightly less than my average day's intake of food. Um. I think I'll pass for now.

                Did forget to add: it does have 626% of your RDA of vitamin A. So, ya know, if you're deficient.... this'd be great!

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                  Eggs, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and coconut milk baked in the right ratios is a damn good custard, so I imagine it's a delicious smoothie. A bit caloric, but so are a lot of things.


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                    that sounds like pudding not a shake..... ???
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                      Apparently I was drinking, not coconut milk, but "coconut milk beverage" (brand: So Delicious). That's 50 calories per cup, so here's my calculation:

                      2 cups CMB: 100 cal
                      2 tbsp cocoa: 30 cal (3 g fat)
                      2 eggs: 180 cal (14 g fat, 12 g protein)
                      1 oz almond butter: 177 cal, 4 g protein

                      So, roughly 500 cal/shake with the eggs, roughly, and about 350 or so without. All the measurements are approximate, and the eggs are not large.

                      Dinner was 35 g of protein, but I had about 80 g the rest of the day (it was a day rich in little fish).


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                        this sounds good as maybe a occasional snack or treat? But I don't know if I would go so far as to having this every day.