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Ground Turkey Sucks

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  • Ground Turkey Sucks

    So I had a package of ground turkey sitting in the freezer for a while, so I decided to cook it tonight. Despite me seasoning the hell out of it, it tasted horrible. It had a nasty aftertaste too. Never eating that again.

    Maybe it's because I'm used to ground beef and alot of red meat, but it was just not good. I think I'll stick with ground beef, red meats and occasionally chicken for my meat.

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    I like ground turkey, as long as I buy it fresh... the pre-frozen stuff I've bought always has a weird texture.

    I can't seem to make good burgers out of it, though, so that honor is reserved for beef and bison. =]
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      gotta mix that up with some spices. Turkey is soooo lean that it needs lots of added fat and some flavorful spices to make it yummy. I like adding fennel, red pepper, dried thyme, S & P, and then fry it in little nuggets in bacon fat. I usually make a mexican salad thing with it, add salsa, avocado, some greens. Bang!


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        You've already used it, so this won't help, but I've found the only real way to make it palatable is to mix it with ground beef and/or ground pork and make meatballs or meatloaf. But really, what's the point unless you've got some you need to finish up.
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          yeh i agree, it is gross. i keep giving it a try but it always comes out gross no matter what! ground beef and ground chicken are better.
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            None of the following taste disgusting unless you don't have the genes to enjoy them or you have never learned to like them or you have convinced yourself they are disgusting. There are millions of people who like each of these foods.

            Basmati or jasmine rice
            Brussels sprouts
            Dark meat chicken or turkey
            Good bread
            Ground turkey
            Lima beans
            Mashed potatoes
            Pork rinds
            Raw tomatoes
            Stinky cheese
            White meat chicken or turkey
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              Ground turkey is one of the few meats my husband will actually eat so I am pretty much stuck with it.
              If you can get ground dark meat instead of breast it is much better. I pretty much only use it for chili.


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                The only way I've found that I like it is when I make meatballs and have some kind of tomato sauce with it. Otherwise I'm not a fan.


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                  I stick to turkey breast roasts. Ground turkey is horrible. Makes me think it's all butt holes.


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                    I like to mix it with either ground lamb or ground pork, then use it for meatballs or taco meat. But I don't like ground beef and it's cheap, so... *shrug*

                    Oh, and I have to agree that you have to buy it fresh. The frozen stuff is funky.
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                      i make it with bacon, cumin, garlic, onions, then toss in tomatoes and avocado after it cooks and wrap in lettuce. makes a good BLTT.


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                        Originally posted by Bishop View Post
                        Ground turkey is one of the few meats my husband will actually eat so I am pretty much stuck with it.
                        If you can get ground dark meat instead of breast it is much better. I pretty much only use it for chili.
                        I use it to make chili sometimes too. It's good.


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                          I only like turkey when it's organic or naturally-raised, and the same goes for lamb and pork. I can really taste the difference with those meats compared to standard stuff. When it comes to beef I don't really taste much difference.


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                            Why eat ground turkey at all? The fat is where the flavor is, eat some beef, cheaper and better for you (omega profile). Preferably some 80/20 or 90/10 at the leanest, not like ground turkey which is 98% fat free.


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                              I hate hate hate ground turkey. People always insist *their* version of turkey burger, turkey chili, turkey whatever tastes "just like beef"....then I try it and gag. Same thing with people trying to force tofu down my throat.

                              I'd rather eat a twinkie than one more bite of ground turkey.
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