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  • Nakd bars

    So my local CF box has started selling these bars, and they are awesome!! As a lot of us there are following PB/paleo it's great to find a snack that is okay for this way of eating.

    Nakd Bars | Natural Balance Foods

    Not sure if they're available in the US, but for UK PBers def worth a try. They taste amazing.

    They are a bit sugary, but it is natural from the fruit they put in them.

    The cashew one is literally dates and cashews mushed together in to a bar. Nothing naughty or nasty in there!

    People agree they are PB friendly? I want to keep eating them!!
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    I think so! In the US we have Larabars which are basically the same thing - nuts and fruits (usually dates) and sometimes cocoa or coconut or spices.

    They're probably not a good choice if you're eager to lose weight, and I don't think we should necessarily be eating nuts every day... but I do eat Larabars from time to time, mostly when they're on sale, heh. =]
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      I like to throw a Larabar in my pack if I'm going hiking. They make mini ones now, too. For most days, I don't need that kind of concentrated energy.


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        Why not just take some dried fruit and a handful of nuts? Same ingredients and 100 times cheaper.



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          I was just thinking the same thing. If the only ingredients are dates and cashews, put a handful of each in a food processor, pulse, smush into a pan, cut into bars, wrap in Saran, freeze or eat!
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            Oh that's what larabars are! Kept seeing people post about them.
            I def wouldn't eat one every day, even though it's tempting. But if I know I can pick one up if I'm hungry or keep one in my bag just in case, it's good. Just the first PB friendly pre-packed snack I've seen!

            Weirdly they're cheaper in the supermarket as singles rather than online in bulk.
            I realise that dried fruit and a handful of nuts is the cheaper option, but I think having that option there just in case is useful.

            I don't have a food processor =/ plus freezer space in a shared house of 5 students is very limited!!
            I might give making them myself a go though once I'm living back at my dads. Thanks for the suggestion
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              Originally posted by sarah1990 View Post
              I might give making them myself a go though once I'm living back at my dads. Thanks for the suggestion
              Actually, my suggestion was to eat dried fruit and nuts, not to try to make your own bars. Not only do I find the bars too expensive, even at Costco, but too sweet as well. Dried fruit has a LOT of sugar.