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Mold - but not nutrition related...

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  • Mold - but not nutrition related...

    Due to the #s this forum gets and all the great stuff you guys know I figured it was worth a shot to post this here...

    A few weeks ago I noticed that some of my house plants had white mold (?) growing on the soil. I live in UPSNY where it has not stopped raining in a few weeks and I can't remember if the mold preceded the rain - I think it did.

    I also have been drying used coffee grounds (to use in my garden) in a big tupperware on the counter. Now that has the same white mold growing on it.

    I've had these house plants for years and never noticed the mold before and am surprised to see mold growing on coffee grounds. But I'm not a mold expert, so maybe that isn't abnormal?

    Anyone out there in interweb-land have an opinion like "worry about this" or "its normal".

    Sorry for the off topic post - just looking for some ideas and I know a lot of you probably know a great deal about these kinds of things! Thanks

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    I don't think its abnormal and you are right that it is probably because of all the precipitation. It is normal for all living things to grow a little mold on them and white mold isn't too bad. The mold you have to worry about in your house is black mold or Stachybotrys which can cause allergies and major upper respiratory problems. But stachybotrys normally grows in places where there may be a water leak that hasn't been addressed in a long time. It normally grows on the walls or behind the walls or in your flooring.
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      Coffee grounds can grow mold insanely quick (I've seen Dad's when he accidentally sealed the compost container in the kitchen...)

      As long as it dies off once everything's been dry for a while, it's fine.
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        Happens to me when I over-water plants and it's humid. Normal.


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          Thanks everyone. I guess I've just never had things around that are likely to sprout mold in such prolonged humid conditions. Thanks!


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            put them under the sun when it comes back out, the sunlight will kill the mold
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