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    I have been exercising for years and that includes a lot of walking (and cardio, interval training). Despite that, I have really weak leg muscles. When I walk, I get tired in my legs really easily and it feels like I'm walking through quicksand and so tired. What could that be about? How can I get more energy and stronger leg muscles? I have a bum knee so I try to avoid doing a lot of squats. But I recently started trying to work those back in and using resistant bands too.
    Background-I was a vegetarian for 10 years before becoming Primal in February. While I was vegetarian, I always had this problem.
    I drink a lot of water, I take magnesium and potassium (potassium is new this week) and Vitamin D.

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    10 years as a veggie is a long time. Have you considered that maybe your body is still adjusting to the new eating plan and needs longer to repair and get it's strength back? I was veg for 3 years and it took me a couple months to get straightened out too. Just my 2 pennies.

    How's your iron btw?
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    5/25/11: 127.2 lbs

    Goal: 120ish


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      have you tried PT and/or chiro?

      can you handle BW squats?

      I had some problems with my knee growing up. I saw the dr that had performed arthoscopic surgery on my dad's knee and he told to do leg extensions. first with no weight, then slowly add, something as light as a heavy boot. it helped me recover as a kid with a bad knee.


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        10 years wow that's long. You probably have some calcium deficiency or something due to lack of protein. Just keep walking it gets easier trust me.
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          I've had surgery on both knees and couldn't even do body weight squat or stairs without a ton of pain. I had the same problem of needing to strengthen my legs but all quad using exercises hurt. Then, my husband got a PowerTech gym (I'm NOT selling these, I swear!). The angle of the bar for squatting goes back just a bit and so I can sort of push back against it a bit during the movement. For whatever reason this doesn't hurt my knees and I've been able to almost double my leg strength since August.

          Really try getting 1gram of meat source protein per pound of lean mass. Paleo wasn't doing much for my strength until I really focused on that. Powders and even eggs didn't have an effect. They might be a bonus, but don't use them to meet the minimum requirement. Energy wise, I really perked up from taking frozen raw liver pills (freeze a grass fed liver, chop into tiny bits and swallow about 2 T. a day with warm water- store in freezer). As a former vegetarian and vegan I seemed to really need this to help recover. There is absolutely no taste this way either. I still don't know what liver tastes like!
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            Sounds like you need to get some mass on your legs. I've always had pretty good knees so can't comment on that, but I've heard in lots of places that squats done properly will actually heal a bad knee. Makes sense to me, as connective tissue would get strengthened in tandem with musculature. Start light, go slow.


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              Never had that problem but there is nothing good old toughness can't fix. Trudge onward, my friend, trudge onward.
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