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Defending Primal..... help!

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  • Defending Primal..... help!

    So today I told one of my co-workers (we were talking about farm eggs) that I eat 2 eggs and half an avocado for breakfast every morning. He looked at me weird and asked if I was worried about cholesterol. I got all flustered. I wanted to defend Primal and spew off facts and studies, but I just haven't committed enough information to memory for it to become part of my working knowledge. I stumbled and said something like, No, I'm not really concerned- studies have shown that eggs don't raise your cholesterol, and also that high cholesterol isn't necessarily a marker for heart disease anyway. I sure didn't sound confident, and am still not sure I said the right thing. Does anyone have any tips for talking to people when you don't really have a science background? I mean, I READ READ READ this website, 2 books, forum posts and I've learned so much, but probably only 1% of what I'd need to know to actually sound like a trustworthy source in the matter.

    I want to tell people how good this is, but I'm not very convincing! Any advice besides just not speaking about my way of life?

    P.S. SO glad I found this community. I know no one in real life who eats this way-- wish I did!
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    Ya know, I'm not good at it either. Everything I say about it seems to come out wrong.

    It sounds like you handled it just fine. Remember, if you get defensive, it gives people the impression you have something to defend. And you don't. You've made the right decision for your health.

    So even if you don't have a scientific study handy, you don't need it. Besides, people can get weird about scientific studies as evidence. Your experience is all you need. Try to discuss it in a positive light instead of a negative, for example, instead of listing what we don't eat, list some of the awesome things we do eat and talk about how great you feel. Or have a stock statement ready, like "Just giving my body the fuel it prefers!"
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      I've found that these convos are usually a waste of time unless you make really bold claims. So now I say things like "Nah. I think cholesterol is actually good for you. I've been eating plenty of cholesterol and saturated fat but avoiding wheat, sugar, and vegetable oils and I've never been so happy and healthy". You just gotta make sure to say it with confidence.


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        Maybe start with a specific or two? In this case, how about "eggs don't cause heart disease":

        Egg Nutrition and Heart Disease - Harvard Health Publications

        Quoting Harvard is always a good start. :-)
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          You said the right thing.

          Cholesterol does not cause heart disease; inflammation does. The body produces arterial plaque in an attempt to put out the fire of inflammation -- in essence, a sticky Band-Aid over an open sore.

          Regardless, there's a bunch of us who have been doing this a while now and have seen massive improvement in our cholesterol numbers. My starting triglycerides were 178; now 66. All other cholesterol values/ratio way down. Diabetes and inflammation markers, blood pressure, and resting heart rate -- really, any/everything you can measure -- also way down as well.
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            I don't give a lot of detail. If you give too much info people get defensive over the way they eat and question your motives.

            My usual answer is "I avoid grains/gluten due to my asthma/allergies and don't worry about the fat, it's what gives me energy" They may ask a question or two but it has never gotten ugly.


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              From the excellent documentary, Fathead:

              "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                I had the exact same problem.

                I posted a recipe for a "pizza omelette" on Facebook and some nimrod starts going off on me about heart problems. I realized that I too don't have the high level response to this memorized.

                This needs what we call at work "the elevator speech." You accidentally bump into the big boss on the elevator, and you are asked what is going on. You have to explain it convincingly before the elevator door opens. It's a good exercise.

                So, what is the elevator speech on what is wrong with "eggs cause heart disease?"


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                  I actually started a blog because it's so hard to come up with an abbreviated answer to that question. Haha but more seriously, you just plain need to get used to being looked at weird. You'll find a lot of people that are never going to change their mind on this issue and it's really not worth the time investment to give them details they're not hearing anyway. Avoiding nutrition talk with those people gets easier, and some of them come around once they see how much a paleo diet can change a body and mindset. I've changed a lot already, people see that and they can't deny that it's working for me, pretty good argument for the paleo side. You will find people genuinely interested in this stuff too though, don't fret. The one person you find that gets as excited as you do about this stuff is totally worth the hundred of doubters you have to weave through to find them. Important to keep a cool head too, no one looks good getting frustrated when trying to prove a point. Say what you believe matter of factly, it does make a difference how you present it.

                  All in all, just stick with it, it's worth being a little weird to feel this good.
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                    Our great-grandparents ate lots of cholesterol and saturated fat in the form of eggs, red meat, butter, cream, and yet they lived without lots of the diseases we have now. Traditional cultures all over the world still eat plenty of these foods and enjoy vibrant health. Then the government told us to limit cholesterol and saturated fats and to eat lots of grains and vegetable oils, and we did -- but only got fatter and sicker as a result.


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                      Another excellent relevant clip from Fathead:

                      You can work up a little elevator speech, if you wish, but don't expect people to change long-held paradigms immediately based upon one or even two conversations. Often all you are doing is planting the seed. It may be another year before things take hold.

                      Just today, my apartment manager asked me what I was doing. I focused on MY results -- and now the results my friends are getting too -- rather than getting into the whole cholesterol/heart disease argument. It's hard to argue with someone standing before you who whom you've never seen look so good.
                      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                        I don't see the need to defend it. It works for me. I know I'm healthier. If someone else thinks that I'm crazy, that's their loss.

                        However, when I think it might help someone I love, and I don't know how to make them receptive, THAT is a different story.


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                          Those videos remind me of when I watched 'Food Inc.' - can't believe how many of US policies seem to be based on pay offs by big business. How the USDA and FDA aren't breaking laws I do not know.

                          But that is totally off topic!
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                            Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
                            Just today, my apartment manager asked me what I was doing. I focused on MY results -- and now the results my friends are getting too -- rather than getting into the whole cholesterol/heart disease argument.
                            Yeah, my lady friend thought it was ridiculous that I considered bacon part of a healthy diet, but she couldn't help but acknowledge that I was rapidly becoming more fit-looking.


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                              Why bother?

                              Never, ever defend.

                              Just do what Grok would do, and ambush your coworker with a flint knapped spear, and an atlatl.