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Fish oil and Vit D in the Netherlands

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  • Fish oil and Vit D in the Netherlands

    I'm kinda at a loss here. I've been trying to read up but it's hard with the different types of supplements you have over there compared to here and the different measurements, etc. Note that I have not done any blood test to know current levels and I don't intent to do so either. But for both of these u can assume I am in need of quite a bit as I eat lots of non grass fed fatty meat and the amount of sun I used to get was really low and what I get right now isn't perfect either. I'm a 24 year old, 6" male weighing 198lb if thats of any use.

    I've not really found any Vitamin D supplements except for a calcium supplement. However the amount of D3 in it just seems silly to me and I'm not sure if the calcium content is a good, bad or non issue thing, same for vit K. From what I've been reading 1mcg is 40iu, so 1.5mcg in a pill just seems completely useless. Is this pill of any use? If so, how much should I be taking? 1 pill contains:
    Vitamine D3 1,5 mcg
    Vitamine K1 25 mcg
    Calcium 231 mg

    Fish oil seems decent and affordable. But how much should I be taking? 1 pill contains:
    EPA 165mg
    DHA 110mg
    Vitamine E 5mg

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    2,000 IU of D3 for people that are not using blood tests to get more precise.

    I take 6 omega 3 a day, the strongest I can find.


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      First of all, it's much more important to reduce your total PUFA intake (less nuts, chicken and pork, more beef, lamb, grass-fed if possible) before you add additional 3. After that, if you add salmon, sardines,... a couple of times a week you should be ok without the fishoil (moreover, the amount of EPA and DHA in yours is quite low), espeicially considering there are quite a few good arguments against the oil made by Chris Kresser and the Perfect Health Diet.

      As for Vit D: Now??? It's getting sunnier day by day, get out as much as possible (without burning of course ). Not all people think that super high D levels are safe (I think Dr. Harris from PaNu as well as the PHD authors said above 40 should be good enough). I know there are lots of stories about how hard it is to get too much oral D but personally, I wouldn't take it without getting tested, especially during this time of the year where you just need to get outside.



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        A Dutchy asking Americans for health advice???? Jump on your bicycle, pedal to the dock, buy some frikkin' herring and do a little dance in your wooden shoes, because you are in the land of health!

        I lived in Holland for 3 years, forgive me if you've lived in the US and know how we live, but we need all those supplements because we eat like crap.

        'Boerekool met worst' is a healthier meal than 98% of anything the normal US family eats. Seriously, with all the fresh fish and vegetables you can get year-round you don't need to be supplementing anything. I would kill for some witlof met ham en kass (chicory with ham and cheese). Or a big bag of vers mosselen (fresh mussles). Then wash it down with a Grolsch.

        Sorry, hor! If you have more questions I won't try to be funny next time.


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          Thnx a lot for the replies!

          I geuss you are right. The reason I was thinking about Vit D is because I dislike walking around shirtless. I'd have expected this to be over now that I lost quite some weight and look pretty good now but it still aint. I am outside quite a lot though . I do eat salmon sometimes, cook in grassfed butter and take omega 3 eggs. But I also eat quite a lot of pork. I've found a cheap butcher with better than supermarket quality meat today though. I can get ground beef for nearly the same price as half pork half beef ground meat which is good. And the stew meat looked so much better and leaner than the supermarket one. I geuss this is a good start!

          And otzi, thnx for putting a smile on my face and answering another question I was wondering! I geuss I don't need to ask about the quality of the animals and plants we sell in our supermarkets anymore!

          I geuss I'll just drop the supplements thing. Seemed like everyone on this forum is taking them. But I geuss where I live they are mainly just a placebo, with good reason as otzi explains!


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            Graag gedaan! now, if you guys would just quit smoking....