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Articificial Meat is Preferable to Real Meat

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  • Articificial Meat is Preferable to Real Meat

    .... Only kidding of course, but you might find this old article I found on a badly sourced website a funny read this morning.

    Artificial meat would be a preferable alternative to the cruelty and environmental impact of factory farms

    "I don't think it is appropriate in any advanced civilization to be raising and slaughtering animals to consume their meat. It's a rather barbaric practice."

    "No meat, in my opinion, is actually healthy if consumed in large quantities. There are a number of reasons for that, including the fact that meat has no fiber.

    It only gets better from there.

    I had to add this last one in: "If you eat nothing but a plant-based diet, you will be far healthier than if you were to introduce any amount of meat into your diet."
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    You had me wondering!
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      I love that the author then feels the need to lump any fan of Nascar into a meat-eating cancer fest group.