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Any advice for extreme sugar cravings?

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  • Any advice for extreme sugar cravings?

    Hi everyone! Can anyone give me some practical tips to overcome my sugar issues? I am really passionate about this program, but my sugar cravings keep sidetracking me! I can live without most grains/bread/potato chips/other starchy junk, but I can't seem to resist my physical cravings for sweets- which tend to fall into the above categories..

    I was following the plan pretty closely for about a month, I wasn't eating any fruit- but I couldn't resist eating a full fat fage everyday with stevia due to my sugar cravings- and then I started incorporating dark chocolate just to get by. I eventually started eating about a tablespoon of almond butter a day as well due to cravings. I didn't lose ANY weight, just from eating fage/dark chocolate- even though I was following the dietary principles otherwise and eating around 1400-1600 calories/under 80 grams of carbs. I became discouraged with lack of results and ate a couple desserts on my birthday, and from that point on I started eating sugar again and other things I wasn't eating on my primal plan. I'm disappointed that this lifestyle has you RESTRICT so many foods yet you have to be ABSOLUTELY perfect food wise to lose weight. I understand that many of the foods not included in this lifestyle/diet aren't optimal for health, but still... I thought it was my thyroid condition contributing to my weight stall- but its not- ive never before had problems losing weight in spite of my thyroid- as recently as 11 months ago I was able to lose weight.
    My labs were fine -tsh 1.85 (id prefer it at 1ish but i dont want to take more armour), my free T3 was highish and my free t4 was normalish if not a little low. I can't blame my thyroid.

    Anyhow, I still want to try to be as primal as possible, but I can't stop snacking on sweets! I don't binge, but I just can't help but slip sweets into my diet here or there- enough to raise my caloric intake significantly. Once I start eating sugar, I find it hard to transition to not eating sugar again! I've been trying to transition back to primal for 2 weeks now!

    Ive started taking trytophan and glutamine, with little results. I'm going to keep up with these supplements and hope my cravings become more manageable.

    Here's a typical day for me foodwise-
    B- 2-3 eggs cooked in butter/coconut oil/or bacon fat, occasionally bacon/kielbasa/chicken sausage (nitrate free good stuff)
    L- Fage yogurt w/ coconut flakes (unsweetened) & stevia, Nut butter mixed in occasionally- 1 TB, Salad w/ oil/vinegar + sauerkraut & veggies
    D-Usually some kind of meat dish with veggies or salad with lots of stuff on it. I do have some cheese at dinner time on salad. I will try not to in the future.
    My salads are usually significant in size (I have a garden with lots of lettuce... I need to eat it), I DO NOT eat less the 1400 calories a day.

    Now that I'm a sugar addict again, Im consuming chocolate/peanut clusters (from the health food store junk sweet aisle... better then candy)/other carby sweets on top of what I normally eat.

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    dark chocolate (just one square of 80+% dark) really helps me with some sugar cravings. sometimes though i need to get something a little different, so i'll reach for a handful of berries or some other kind of fruit.


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      You might try an afternoon snack of berries with 1/2 Cup coconut milk. Tastes sweet but provides a lot of fats. Also; sounds like with all the salad you may not be getting enough carbs. Try adding with breakfast a root vegetable stew, made from steamed sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, optional parsnips or rutabega. This is good with minced ginger, a few raisins and whole Cumin. Better with coconut milk poured on top.


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        dark chocolate dipped in all natural no salt almond butter

        i went primal in feb 2010
        37% body fat
        38-40 waist

        1 year to the day
        7.8% body fat
        29 waist

        7% body fat
        29 waist


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          a few ideas:
          - a brisk walk, short or long
          - choosing coconut milk over dairy
          - coconut butter/manna (very sweet after a while of limited/low sugar)
          - blackberries (and coconut milk or butter)
          - no artificial sweeteners, if possible
          - 90% chocolate and up, like others are saying, if you must have sugar