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  • know what, I decided f*ck coffee...

    First off, I tend to rely on it to get me through the day. This isn't good because I feel like I might need that extra "push" because I don't eat enough. Since coffee gives you energy and supresses appetite, I think its actually the cause of my bi-weekly bing. Too much of a calorie deficit.

    In fact i'm almost positive this is whats up.

    Also, when I come down from the buzz, I get cranky and hungry, like my blood sugar crashes....i'm not sure if that's what's happening but it sure feels that way.

    I think it's throwing my body outta wack and i'm better off without it. I decided today that i've had my last cup.

    I've found that when I stick to primal foods only, and I just listen to my body, I actually give my body exactly what it needs. And when I do add up the calories at the end of the day, it's never too high a number at's actually usually right on the money, sometimes way fuck counting calories too. I just follow my protein.

    I'm also taking Muay Thai now, so my activity levels are way up now. This combined with a diet of only whole foods and i'm on my way to being one lean and healthy motherfudger.

    It took a while, but I've realized that when your only eating whole foods as close to natural as they can get (even nuts must be shelled or I overeat em) it's really easy to listen to your body and not over-eat.

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    I had a major coffee addiction too. My caffeine/coffee withdrawals was way worse than the "carb flu". But I am thankful that I quit cold turkey. Every now and then I may have some good quality organic decaf coffee but I use it as a reason to get in more heavy cream lol.
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    People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.


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      I stopped drinking it at home, I only buy it while Im in a cafe or something, this has lowered my intake a lot
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        Good for you. I'm always surprised at how tolerated coffee addiction is around here.
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          I'm addicted to decaf.


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            I make one BIG cup (17oz) in my French press each morning and that's it. I find the amount of labor required for that (grind the beans, boil the water, steep and time the brew) moderates my consumption nicely. I don't find myself drinking it out of boredom throughout the day.

            Point of reference- I used to be a MASSIVE diet pop/caffeine addict. Went cold turkey a few years back, and it was a miserable week. After the detox, I reintroduced it, but only before 2pm.

            My sleep was much better for it.


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              I don't see the need to go cold turkey. You can try to enjoy it for its taste first, and energy second. Of course I don't know what your coffee habits are, but can I suggest buy good quality beans (not from supermarket), grind them yourself, smell them, sample different beans from around the world every time you buy more, enjoy the taste and variety, use a time-consuming brewing method (eg Bialetti-type stove top pot).

              I drink 1-2 most days, addicted I suppose, but I don't feel the 'need' for it to get out of bed, no noticeable effects, I just enjoy it. The big change for me was that I try not to buy milk-based coffees from cafes since 'going primal'.
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                Much to my surprise (and dismay) my autoimmune related fatigue is dramatically improved when I give up all coffee. I was only drinking decaf - but I did 30 days without it and felt better than ever, added it back and the fatigue returned. Bummer. It is quite surprising to me how hard it is to give up - even the decaf.

                I've been trying to read about coffee a bit more - I was interested to see if they contained a lot of lectins or something else that could explain it. I haven't found anything concrete, but I guess it's not as benign as I thought.
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                  I have also given up coffee for last 3 month and only just started back up , just on weekend (12 oz each day) during this time, I've lost 40lb and easily controlled my caloric intake . (I mesaured for about 45days before quitting, as I tend to eat similiar amount and could estimate easily enough without it) some days when I am really tired, the coffee smells good, but it does affect my sleep pattern sometimes. I can take it or leave it though I love the smell LOL. otherwise, i don't think it affects me badly.


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                    I used to drink about 2 coffee's and 2 lo-carb monsters a day before starting this diet. I was definitely addicted and would have about 4 crashes a day.

                    Now I just have one big cup in the morning with 1/3 cup coconut milk and some stevia. It is my dessert for the day. This gives me a lot of energy for a workout a little later.

                    I think coffee is fine as long as you can control it.


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                      Good for you. I stopped back in February and have really enjoyed being free of the caffeine rollercoaster. My energy has been much more stable and reliable since quitting. I was one of those who caffeine affects pretty strongly - 2 espressos a day was my limit to prevent total lift off.
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                        My coffee intake has risen quite a bit since I've been working at home more, and I need some rules for limiting the daily dose. I'm not at the point where I could consider giving it up though, that's kind of unfathomable. 1 cup when first getting up (two on weekends), another allowed after major exercise, and any afternoon coffee should be decaf. Seem reasonable? That would represent a pretty significant drop for me.
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                          I drink coffee (and a fair bit of it) probably mostly due to boredom. One cup at home before I leave for work, and another one (maybe two) before lunch. After lunch, though, I drink water and unsweeted/no milk tea. I do have another cup of decaf after supper or sometimes a decaf tea.
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                            Coffee makes me feel like a happier more productive person, which is tough to give up. But I gave it up for two months, and the difference in sleep is so substantial. If I drink coffee, even one cup, I will be up several times during the night. If I don't, I can usually sleep the whole night through.


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                              I drink half a cup almost every morning, on weekdays it’s my breakfast (or rather the coconut milk is, cream sometimes) and don’t think much of it. I don’t really feel anything from it as far as an energy surge but I think that’s because I’m only drinking half a cup. One full cup does have an effect. I don’t really drink any outside of that. If I have any at work it’s always decaf and I mostly do it to get some cream, not for any sort of push through the work day or anything like that. I enjoy the taste.

                              I have though been wondering how coconut milk mixes with black tea. I love cream in black tea so I wonder if it’s any good with coconut milk. I’d happily drink that in the mornings instead, and it’s a lot less caffeine.

                              It’s a good approach you’re taking though to not take any stimulants to see just how your day to day goes.
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