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  • Bing energy drink

    Anyone heard of Bing energy drink? I grabbed some at the store today and it's was tasty. I'm a little worried it might be too good to be true.


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    Pluses: B vitamins, acai berries
    Negatives: caffeine, sugar, caffeine, guarana (which has caffeine), carbonation. Oh, did I mention caffeine?

    Not looking to use an addictive substance to fuel my workouts, thanks.
    42 yo female; 5'8"
    Oct 2009: 205 lbs
    Dec 2010: 167 lbs
    Current weight: 158 lbs (first time under 160 in 17 years!!!)
    Goal weight: 145 lbs


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      My employees are absolutely addicted to it, they tell me it's incredible. I haven't tried it myself, I'm not a fan of those products. It's basically a can of sugar and caffeine, and then for good measure: splenda (despite all the sugar).


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        Well there is as much sugar as a bowl of fruit, 10g. As far as the caffeine I'd have to check but it looks to be as much as my usual cup of tea or coffee. So that doesn't sound too bad either.

        I'll keep checking but so far not too bad.


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          Ah, yeah you're correct - it's only 10 grams. I forgot that it was one of the "lower sugar" drinks. Still, it's got a good dose of both sucralose and ace-K I believe. Not sure if that matters to you.

          Eh, whatever. It's not for me but then again I have my own vices. Enjoy! 80/20 right?