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  • Caffeination

    Ok, I don't know if that's how you spell it but...

    As some of you know I've been pulling 2 jobs, upwards of 75-80 hours a week. Of course I'm going to be tired. I've found myself leaning on coffee more and more, and not my beloved decaff.

    So... it looks like I'm going to be living this over-worked lifestyle for about a year, maybe 2 at most. Are there any downsides to guzzling a cup or two, or three a day. Part of me is worried about becoming resistant to the caffeine and needing to drink more coffee to get the same buzz. I'm also wondering what other effects it'll have. I know when I decide to go "off" caffeine I'll get a wicked headache and all that, just like last time I quit coffee.

    I guess in any case I'm just interested in your thoughts on becoming a regular coffee "user" not just your "occasional cup in the morning" drinker.

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    Sorry you're so slammed right now :-(

    I'm not an expert, but I don't think coffee is as evil as some make it out to be. It's a diuretic, for sure you'll want to up your water intake, and also water-soluble vitamins.

    Also...and this might seem strange...please make sure you're eating enough. Do you have things you can do to reduce your stress level? That's what I'm mostly worried about.

    Remember, we're here for you on MDA if you need to vent.

    Hang in there, Girl!


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      Diana, everything I've read, both in CW medical studies & now in some herbal world things, show that coffee is okay until you hit over 6-8 oz cups a day - that's what, 48 ounces of coffee? That's a lot of coffee! Coffee's also full of antioxidants, too, so it's not all bad.

      My hubby and I both found that without sugar in the coffee there's no "caffiene jitters". We always go for a fairly dark roast & I believe there's less caffiene in a dark roast (I think the roasting gets rid of the caffiene somehow). I don't seem to have built up a tolerance, either. I'm still getting the same buzz I've always had. When I want to cut back I do half/caff & then taper off (but it's soooo good!).


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        I have a double shot of espresso in the morning and try to keep it at that. I went thru a period in grad school when I was working FT as well and started using it as a crutch. It ended up really tweaking my stomach and I felt like it was disrupting my digestion.

        These days if I want a lift in the afternoon I go for Yerba Mate. It still has some caffeine but it's mellower. Super high in antioxidants. Definitely check into it. Also, Teecino is a good option. It's got no caffeine, all herbal. It's high in magnesium which gives you a lift. Good stuff, it has a coffee-like feel to it.


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          I *think* too much coffee can mean that you lose some of the nutrients that you would absorb from the food you eat when you drink it with food. As long as you don't drink too much, you should be ok. And as everyone else has said, take care of yourself!


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            I've always understood coffee raises cortisol levels and doing that too often leads to adrenal problems.

            Just as an FYI Diana... a few years ago I was working 2 jobs and drinking lots of coffee. I had a regular day job and then I'd work a night job, as a server.

            That's when I really started getting sick - I wasn't getting enough sleep-- I was stressed out all the time from the demanding server job and then on top of it- I drank a lot of coffee. All of that eventually lead to a decline in my health.

            So, it's not so much the coffee that you're drinking but drinking coffee in addition to a stressful lifestyle, that I'd be concerned about.

            Just my 2 cents.


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              If I overdo the coffee (I'm fine on 2 cups a day, three is pushing it, but I'm only an occasional drinker) my stomach gets a bit achey.

              I'd say try to keep aware of why you're drinking it, and maybe go for a strong roast so that the taste itself is more satisfying - I found that some really milky coffees were more sickly/sweet and the caffeine "hit" didn't really register inmy mind. If that makes sense?

              Also watch the dehydration, maybe take a vitamin supplement too?


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                Thanks for your thoughts everyone!

                Generally what my coffee drinking adds up to is 2 travel mugs a day- so probably 3-4 cups. I only go for dark roast (better flavor), always black.

                I'm really trying to keep my stress down, and it seems like with the coffee in my system I've got the energy to be up and going, and lately I've been in a really great mood (because I'm not dragging and tired.) I do really like both of my jobs. My day job is slower paced and I can chat with my coworkers, so it's not really stressful. The night job at the restaurant is pretty quick and a little stressful, but still fun, so I should be ok with it. Mostly I have trouble winding down after, but that's getting easier too now that I'm getting better at my job.

                Sleep has certainly been cut back but I'm trying to get enough. I usually can get at least 7 hours now that I've requested that I don't stay until closing on nights where I have to work the day job the next day. I do have to find some ways to de-stress, maybe even take some of the extra money I'm earning to "indulge" in a monthly massage or something.

                I guess for now I'll just keep a watchful eye on things and try to catch any problems before they start. It'll be nice to have my internet back. One of my favorite ways to relax and de-stress is to surf the net. (And MDA.)