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Skipping meals and hungerattacks

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  • Skipping meals and hungerattacks

    Im a 21 year old male who wants to loose a little excess bodyfat. Ive been eating decently low carb for perhaps some months, with 2 weeks of PB style. Im studying and the school gives us breakfast, for me 3 boiled eggs, and lunch. I always do my best with the lunch, plenty of veggies and sallad, no processed carbs (and certainly none of that daily dessert and cookies!).

    The dinner is stuff I dont eat, stuff from breafast. They dont really serve real dinners. I thought it was smart to skip dinner most days, so I save money on my own food and loose weight fast. It was very easy, I werent very hungry and if I got slighlty hungry I just go out for a long walk or run a littleŽ, which stops the hunger completely for several hours. After these ~2 weeks of doing this everything felt fine then suddenly today I felt super hungry!

    I think its the "lost" calories that builds up slowly. Not much lost calories everyday perhaps but I guess that after 2 weeks its so much the body suddenly tells me to eat alot. I decided to follow it just to learn and I ate lots of meat and fat (avocado). Perhaps like 2-3 extra meals today, but Im still not full, but dont wanna eat anymore.

    My point of this thread is how smart it really is to skip meals often and how to avoid that day when the body gets mad at you. Should I eat normally? Becouse it worked so fine while it...well worked. Im afraid I'll get hungry nonstop for days perhaps. Maybe I know the answer myself but any tips or things needed to say? I enjoy skipping meals, gives me energy. But the day before this hungerattack i was very tired... Plus I got headache becouse I pee so much I think I dont have enough water. But I dont like drinking water becouse I pee so much (evil circle).

    Any tips on how much skipped meals is ok usually, preventing hungerattacks and if its ok to eat alot (PB appoved) meals if youre body tells you to do it some day, even if youre wanting to loose weight? I have lost weight, I see it. Is this maybe even good (if just for a day)?

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    I'm new at this myself, but I'd be inclined to up the fat intake a little and eat the way you were eating, rather than add meals. Not sure.


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      If you're hungry, "ohmygod I need to eat!" you need to eat. If you're hungry, "hmm, I could eat, but don't need to" you could extend your fast, but not to the point of being ravenous. Keep in mind that sometimes hunger is caused by a lack of micronutrients, not food energy. I suggest tracking what you eat for a week on a site like fitday, see if you're replete on micros like magnesium, zinc, etc. If you can lose weight without skipping meals and it's more comfortable, that's probably the better idea in any case.