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    I have a question, I have been doing primal for about oh about 2.5 weeks, and I have lost about 5 pounds which I am very much pumped up about. But my question is, am I eating to much fruit? I have about 2 apples, and 2 bannans aday, and about a cup or cup 1/2 of blueberries; I am using the fruit in replacement of my former CW health snacks. I just dont want to be over doing the fruit intake. Just someone who looking to become the best primal he can be.

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    I think it just depends on how fruit treats you.

    For me, that much fruit would have me bloated up like a stuck pig, so I can only handle a few berries and maybe 1/2 apple a day.

    Also, if I eat too much fruit, my heart races, so I know there's a big insulin spike going on.

    If you're hungry quickly after eating the fruit, that also means that it doesn't have much satiating power for you, raising your blood sugar level
    and making you "think you're hungry" when you're really not, you're just experiencing a blood sugar drop which signals the brain "time for more
    food!" whether it needs it or not.

    If you're humming along and feeling great on the fruits you eat daily, by all means, keep up with it!

    If you find later that you're stalling out later on, then eliminate one of those fruits a day and see how that goes.

    Sounds to me like you're handling the fruit fine.

    But also know that what you've described above equals about 120g of carbs in basically pure fructose, so you may want to change some of those
    carbs to slow digesting ones instead... like a yam, brussel sprouts or more salad or something.

    But like I said, if it's working for you now, just do it until it doesn't, then switch things up!



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      I don't think apples and bananas are that bad fructose-wise. According to Wikipedia, per 100g serving (small apple or banana), apples have 13.8g total carbs w/5.9g fructose. Bananas have 22.8g tot and 4.9g fructose. 2 apples and 2 bananas would be 73.2g carbs w/21.6g of fructose.

      Pineapple is pretty good also: 13.1g total carbs w/2.1g fructose per 100g serving. Dried figs are bad - 63.9 total/47.9 fructose.

      I personally did real well losing weight from 210-185lbs eating lots of fruit. However after a long stall at 185 I started cutting back the fruits and that seems to help now.


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        As far as I'm concerned, sugar is sugar and bananas and pineapple are at the top of the carts for highly glycemic.

        It also depends on how BIG those bananas and apples are.

        I don't know about where you are, but the bananas at my local costco are GINORMOUS. Seriously, these are HUGE.

        Apples too.

        You can get little tiny apples, or you can get big ass honkin' ones.

        In any event, I hate you both for being able to eat fruit without any deleterious effects...... hahahahahhahahaha!

        Well, I'm a little bitter. . . sniff.

        Go on with your bad fruit selves,



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          Think I'm gonna cut back on my fruit intake for about a week and see if I notice a difference! Thanks for the replies!


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            I think berries are your best bet fruit wise. That sugar can add up in bananas, pineapple. I used to eat pineapple all the time until I realized how much sugar it contains. Still eat apples occasionally but usually stick to blueberries, blackberries and sometimes strawberries.