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Primal and High Blood Pressure?

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  • Primal and High Blood Pressure?

    Any thoughts on how/if the Primal life-style effects high blood pressure? I have a family history of HBP and have even had episodes during my life time where mine has been high and have at different times taken medication for it. I was on BP medicine about 3 years ago, but lost about 30lbs and it seemed to be fine so I stopped taking the medication. I have been primal for about 3 months and went for a check-up and my BP was again high 140/95 and my Dr. wants me to go back on medication (I would prefer not to). I have lost another 6-8lbs on Primal (6'2' 214lbs) but am just wondering if there has been any evidence to show where primal eating could be causing this spike?

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    This is the primary reason I came to primal to begin with. Blood pressure is down significantly along w/ my weight. Also supplementing with magnesium/D/multivitamin. I have a ways to go but have no reason not to believe it will not be fully under control by next year.

    I suggest a home monitor and frequent measuring, "white coat" hypertension is a very real phenomenon. I was prescribed meds in the past but they were ineffective and caused side effects so I stopped before the 3rd pill was added.
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      I have high blood pressure as well. No meds though, I've been pretty successful at controlling it with diet. At my doctors appointment right before I started Primal, (6 weeks ago) my blood pressure was 150/104. I have a home monitor and checked it the other day and it was 107/68 (and this is even with eating bacon!). So, yeah, Primal has pretty much controlled my blood pressure. I am lucky that my blood pressure responds pretty well to dietary changes. When I was doing CW dieting I was able to get my blood pressure down around 130/80, but never as low as it is now! Good luck!