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  • Bacon

    I ate approx. 3 pounds of bacon from yesterday morning to this morning...24 hours. I seem to do these things where I eat a lot of one specific food. I realize it's not the most well rounded thing you could do, but I feel it creates connections in my mind to know what nutrients are in what foods. I also NEVER mindfuck myself about food. If I want to eat something, I eat it. A couple other recent things I can remember....eating 2 dark chocolate bars (after primal, this is a lot), eating a whole carrot cake in 24 hours (very early stages primal), eating large amounts of salad, large amounts of strawberries, 3 big potatoes, etc. Anybody else do this?

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    I do this sometimes too. It usually involves ribeye steaks or cake.
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      I do this occasionally. I will generally buy a lot of some kind of meat and grill Sunday night, then put it all in little tupperware things and eat it for lunch all week. I also pack up broccoli, cauliflower and carrots most days to.

      My lunches are pretty much identical Mon thru Fri.
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        Originally posted by IcarianVX View Post
        I do this sometimes too. It usually involves ribeye steaks or cake.
        I actually don't have any 'typical' thing. It has generally been sugary foods because this seems to be a way of breaking any real interest in that particular food. I feel sick after a pan of brownies...therefore brownies aren't good so don't eat them. I'm also experimenting with fat right now because I've never ate so much fat in my entire life! I always was health conscious, so I would do things like cutting gristle off steaks or something. I NEVER had bone marrow. I realize I need fat to offset my low-carb approach, so it's all one big experiment for me.


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          I sometimes really feel like, but am still too mindf'ed to do it... at least to the extend I would like (to eat).


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            I get into a habit where I eat just one thing for awhile. It's a holdover from my eating disorder days where something would be "safe", and so I'd eat it, so I wouldn't have to think about it.

            Nowdays it's more about being lazy. I just cook one big batch of something, and then eat it all week, so I don't have to think about it.

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              I do this if I make something that's below-par. I don't want to store it because that would mean having to eat it in future, and I want to look forward to my food. And I don't want to throw it out because that's wasteful. So I just wolf it down. Then I can forget about it.

              The last such incident was when I overcooked a banana cake and it came out really dry and mealy. I ate it all.


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                I eat nearly the same thing every day because that way I don't have to calculate the macros any more

                I'm lazy that way.
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                  I actually have the opposite problem. Other than breakfast (3 eggs fried in butter and 3 sausage links...every day) I generally can't eat the same thing more than twice in a row. I have to have variety, which drives my wife nuts because she's used to cooking one large dish and eating it for almost every meal until it's gone. That would drive me crazy!

                  The one exception for me would be sugary products which I've never kept on hand as an adult. I grew up in a house full of sugary snacks and I've always known that if they were around, I would eat them. Compulsively.