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CLA and Fish Oil

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  • CLA and Fish Oil

    Does anyone know what primal opinion on CLA is? What about dosage? What about taking it with fish oil.

    In addition to that, I am confused about how much fish oil I should be taking. I am female, 5'8, 145 with about 19% body fat. Looking to lower my body fat and lose a few lbs. I follow primal blue print nutritionally (going into my 3rd month) with one high fat sweet cheat a week. I work out a little more intensely than recommended by PBP, but am trying to slow down.

    Thanks for your help!

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    CLA is awesome, but I'm very hesitant to recommend taking it in pill form - commercially available supplements generally contain an isomer of CLA (t10c12) that isn't found in significant quantities in a natural human diet, and may be associated with insulin resistance. Your best bet is to just eat plenty of grass-fed ruminant meat and dairy.

    Supplementation With Conjugated Linoleic Acid Causes Isomer-Dependent Oxidative Stress and Elevated C-Reactive Protein: A Potential Link to Fatty Acid-Induced Insulin Resistance -- RisÚrus et al. 106 (15): 1925 -- Circulation
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