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Anyone with casein intolerance? Choosing to live dairy free?

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  • Anyone with casein intolerance? Choosing to live dairy free?

    Okay so yesterday I wrote a post about being bored with my food....and yes, it was a bit whiney
    However, I would really like to add back in some dairy....been off it for a month, then added it back in with gusto and have been feeling 100% since then. Also you should know that I am definately gluten intolerant/possibly celiac. Found this out shortly before going primal.

    In all fairness, I have been going through some difficult times lately (one damn thing after another, all costing money & time), including the loss of a beloved family pet which has been difficult for all of us.

    I now have acne (stress induced?), itchiness (may be related to tomatoes, however), and some gas/bloating (may be related to potatoes/crucifers/onions) that comes/goes.

    I am just NOT sure if any of these symptoms are dairy or just......? Can you speak a little about what your casein/dairy intolerance is like for you? Do you still eat A2 types of dairy (grass-fed jersey cow cheese, sheeps cheese, goat cheese)? Can you eat small amounts without a flare-up?
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    I believe I have issues with Casein. I haven't been tested for it, though. I do have Celiac disease as well. I have tried lactaid pills and lactaid milk and they did nothing for me. This is why I think it's the milk protein and not lactose. I can tolerate a little bit of goat cheese or goat milk but I can't do it regularly. I have tried eating organic fancy hard Irish cheddar from TJ's - one bite is okay, but any more and I feel sick So I've just given it up completely instead of tempting illness.

    For me, dairy leads to immediate nausea, and then a "blah" feeling all day, and depending on how much I ate I get constipated.

    If your intestines have been damaged by an immune response to Gluten, it is highly likely that you are lactose intolerant and will be until your intestines heal. This is because the little villi that are damaged by a response to gluten also happen to be the ones that break down milk sugar. Often people with Celiac report that once they are gluten-free and have completely healed (this can take months, or even years) that they are able to eat dairy again. I personally was diagnosed last November so it's been about 6 months and I still have problems with it, another reason why I think it's Casein and not lactose.

    Did you get tested for Celiac? If not, you should. It's an easy blood + urine test that will be confirmed with a scope. Remember to eat gluten a bit before the testing date so that there isn't a false negative.


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      I'm actually casein allergic- I have breathing issues with dairy- (mild exposure, Benadryl, more and I need Primatene) so I may not be best to answer you. I do get the runs when I'm exposed, no matter what type of dairy.
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