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About 3 months into primal, getting BORED with this type of eating!

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  • About 3 months into primal, getting BORED with this type of eating!

    Background: I am wheat intolerant and may be celiac (never been tested, just eliminated wheat instead). I have some depression/anxiety and have experienced some, but certainly not total, relief from these symptoms while eating primal. Have been primal for 3+ months now.

    Lately I have been missing chips/cereal/bread/tortillas/pretzels. Oh god, and beans! I could write a song about my love and longing for beans! Dinner was so easy when I ate these things even when they were gluten-free!

    It is hard to eat among others and even myself when I have to say, "no dairy, no wheat/grains/corn, no sugar, no canola/veggie oil," and essentially NO FUN.

    I have started to realize that food is a means to an end not a "fun thing to do on the couch on Friday nights." But boy, when the craving for pudding/cookies/cheesecake comes around that just doesn't sound that great anymore.

    Even my mother is frustrated with what to cook for me when I am at her house every Sunday. She is by no means an unhealthy eater, either, and is a consumer of massive quantities of veggies and fruit.

    I have added fermented dairy back into my life simply because, damn, if I don't have some indulgences I think I will just up and quit!

    Any suggestions here, to help quiet my urge to give up? I ate two gluten-free pretzels the other night and just about slapped myself for doing so. I can stand occasional trips into sugar/dairy land, but feel extremely negligent when I eat grains.

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    Focus on what you can have, not what you can't. Find more things that you do like, and enjoy those. It's not meant to be a grind.

    With time, it will all become habit. Do you get "bored" brushing your teeth every night? Do you get "bored" taking showers? Of course not, it's all habit.

    Good luck, and hang in there.


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      Since when was dairy not part of PB? I eat cheese pretty much everyday.


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        Think of food as fuel to survive instead of pleasure


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          Primal does allow dairy. Eat some cheeeeese.
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            Do you have a list of things you consider primal 'treats'? For me, a nice salty deluxe nut mix (macadamias, cashews, almonds, and pistachios) does the trick most times.

            I'm 10 weeks into this and haven't got bored yet. And I hope it doesn't happen because I really like where I'm headed.
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              I agree on focusing on what you can have. Maybe pick up the quick and easy cook book or an other cook book to get some new ideas.

              I like to think of my way of eating as an "upgrade".


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                What are you goals in eating primal? If you feel good and don't need to lose a lot of weight, maybe you can add in some primal baking? I see tons of great recipes for substitutes that sound great. The few I have tried have been really good...primal cookies, waffles, breads, etc. Even if you have some weight to lose, a little bit of those things here and there won't be a huge issue.

                Also - maybe you should branch out on your recipes some more so you don't get bored. There are tons of amazing primal cooking blogs with great food on addition to the primal baking.
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                  What are you eating? You might need to develop your cooking skills so you can find meals that you can enjoy time and time again.


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                    I'd also like to add that this may be temporary. I have been primal for 8 months. The vast majority of the time I am blown away by the bounty available to me with this WOE. Every now and then I go through a short phase where I am sick to death of the food I'm eating. It always passes. I usually find a few new recipes to throw in to the mix around then.
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                    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                      Does eating primal at least make you feel better physically?


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                        If this is no fun, then you need to make it work for you.

                        I am feeling great after 6 months of eating 95-99% Primal and have made some changes to my diet in the last month that work for me. For some, it would fall into their "20%"--whatever!

                        The main things to avoid (IMO) are gluten, PUFAs and excess fructose. Everything else is optional, IMO.

                        Sure, it's not optimal to eat legumes or non-gluten grains, but if your body digests them well and you have good energy, why not on occasion?

                        I'm now down to my last 1-2 lbs to lose. I've added in ice cream, 54% chocolate and homemade (low sugar) jello in small quantities on an almost daily basis. I will eat corn tortillas on occasion. I eat popcorn (with lots of pastured butter!) weekly. The store-bought ice cream is too sweet for me now, so I will be making my own.

                        These do not cause me to binge. YMMV.
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                          I totally understand how you're feeling, but encourage you to hang in there. Like Diane mentioned, focus on the things you do like. At this point, I have a hard time imagining anything more fun than biting into a big chunk of beast, fresh off the grill. I still get en enormous amount of entertainment and satisfaction from my food, even if it's bacon and avocados instead of tortilla chips and cookies.

                          Plus, there are so many option for primal-friendly treats. Check out the recipe forum if you want to get inspired. While you certainly shouldn't base your diet on coconut custards or almond flour cookies, they are fine on occasion.

                          Also, I'll let you in on a secret: I was also missing beans something fierce. Finally, I just gave in and ate some. I felt fine (unlike wheat, which makes me feel shitty for days). Now, when I'm craving beans, I eat some beans. Shhhh....

                          (but seriously - if you can handle the extra starches, your gut feels good, and you don't mind taking the time to soak your beans WAPF-style, I don't think eating beans once in a while is all that damaging)
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                            Spices. Find different ways to flavor the same combinations of foods and you'll have a lot more variety.
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                              Originally posted by tarek View Post
                              What are you eating? You might need to develop your cooking skills so you can find meals that you can enjoy time and time again.
                              Amen- this is soooo important so that you don't fall back into the quick and nutrient deficient meals.
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