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Fasting on Weekdays?

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  • Fasting on Weekdays?

    I am considering going with a Fast-5 type of fasting routineduring the week because I work weekdays, but on the weekend my schedule gets crazy and I should probably plan on eating more. Any thoughts? I know that eat stop eat has a little closer schedule to this. I am mostly doing it to cut down on my food costs .

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    Many people find it easiest to just eat one meal a day.
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      we always end up eating out with the family and i don't enjoy dealing with all the questions as to why i am not eating


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        So what are you trying to accomplish anyway? If you're hungry, eat. If not, don't.


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          I fast through breakfast and lunchtime pretty much daily and eat either 1 or 2 meals after work (I guess it works out to a 20 hour fast (10pm - 6pm) and 4 hour "window" (6pm - 10pm) most days). Some days I eat lunch on the weekends, but I just try to eat dinner earlier and also keep my overall calories lower since weekends = rest days for me.
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