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Nut fats Vs. Coconut fat

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  • Nut fats Vs. Coconut fat

    Ok, I'm confused about Coconut fat Vs. Nut fat. The posts I've read caution about eating too many nuts because of the Omega6 and weight gain. But I'm supposed to eat Coconut oil by the spoonful? I'm in week 5 of the diet and struggling with failio syndrome; I'm an athlete and was a vegan for 10 years so I already had very low body fat and am very physically active. I have not had a lot of energy on the diet and I'm craving nuts and chocolate like crazy. I just made the connection to not enough fats and have started a spoonful of coconut oil before meals and adding Coconut milk to everything I can. I'm getting my carbs by eating a root vegetable stew for breakfast, and veggies with all my meals, and a post-workout berry smoothie (with hemp protein powder and sunflower seeds) or a sweet potato . I understand the Omega 6 angle but why would nut fat cause weight gain but coconut fat not?

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    Consuming too much fat from any source will cause weight gain. Omega 6 fat in excess is pro-inflammatroy. Coconut oil is very low in omega-6 fat while most tree nuts are quite high (coconut is not a true nut).


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      you may not be getting enough magnesium if you are craving chocolate and nuts as they are both sources of magnesium


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        My understanding is that coconut oil is only 3-8% polyunsaturated. I also love nuts. I just eat the nuts rather than use the oil. I also crave dark chocolate mixed with nuts!! So that is interesting about magnesium, I will check it out. I have learned on here that some nuts are higher in poly than others and it was recommended to eat macadamias and hazelnuts.


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          As you can see if you scroll down a bit, the fat in coconut oil is predominantly saturated, as opposed to the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in most other nut oils.

          Keep in mind that omega 6s and weight gain are two mostly separate issues. Foods that are high in PUFAs, particularly omega 6s, should be avoided because they contribute to overall inflammation. However, the primary reason that people find that nuts cause weight gain is that they are delicious and dense in calories, which makes them very easy to overeat. In other words, nuts and seeds aren't automatically going to make you fat, but they should only be consumed in moderation.

          Just out of curiosity, is there a reason why you're using hemp protein powder? Plain old meat & eggs are much better sources of protein
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            Thank you for the posts. I am taking a Cal/Mag/D3 supplement. I use the Hemp protein powder with my post-workout smoothie because I take in some carbs at that time (with berries for Vitamin C intake). I cannot tolerate any dairy so I don't use whey, and the Hemp has high Omega 3's.


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              another reason why coconut oil tends not to encourage weight gain is because the fat chains are not long and so are burnt as fuel immediately rather than being stored for later.