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What if you can't eat vegetables?

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  • What if you can't eat vegetables?

    I literally gag when I try to eat vegetables (cooked or raw, it doesn't matter). Salad dressing doesn't help, because I can't eat that either. I suppose I must be supertaster, but I've never tested for it. I can choke down a little bit of raw spinach and a few baby carrots, but it's extremely unpleasant. Is there a big health risk in foregoing veggies? I like most fruit, so that's not a problem. Is it okay to just replace the veggies with extra servings of fruit? I can also eat Italian sauces made from tomatoes (but not the tomatoes themselves), and I can drink V-8.

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    woah, you mean you've tried the hundreds of different types of veggies and gagged each and every time?
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      Don't worry about it. Don't replace with fruit--too much fructose.

      Can you eat mashed sweet potato?

      Just eat some organ meat & bone broth (think liver paté, gelatin, etc) , so you get more of the animal than just muscle meat.

      You can get other antioxidants (if you want) from tea, coffee, chocolate & red wine...

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        They're overrated anyway. (I'm half-joking)

        Veggies don't exclusively have any 'essential' nutrients, but if fiber is important to you they really help. You could make veggie smoothies, use enough ice (eggs help too) so that the plant matter is suspended and doesn't sink to the bottom too quickly.
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          I think u should keep experimenting with them. Mark doesn't say to cut them out neither does Cordain so I would keep them in. They are VERY nutrient dense and yes animal products are as well, but if you aren't diverse for a while (by choice or not) with your meat, you might not have every nutrient you want...vegetables...greens especially will help even that out. Greens are the most important vegetable to have. Have you experimented with dressings/sauces? What about just putting your meat right on top of the salad? That works for me. Smoothies work too...but are best combined with fruit...flavor wise. Vegetables are important for digestion too because of the fiber. Don't give up yet..... Have you tried soups?


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            I don't like veggies either. The only real way I can handle eating a decent amount, on a regular basis is one of two techniques:

            1. Blend veggies very very fine. Add banana and blueberries. Add coconut milk if you want. Chocolate works well too. Basically anything to cover up the taste, and let me "drink" my veggies.

            2. Chop veggies very very fine in a food processor. Add a crap ton of spices, and tons of ground beef. Mix into several eggs, and bake into a frittatta.

            If you can't stomach them, hide them. You don't need to eat lots, but you do need some.

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              Maybe try a green smoothie? They're made of veggies, but don't taste vegetable-y
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                Sounds like you have an eating disorder. Have you sought treatment?
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                  I'm reading this as I eat a head of romaine by itself, so I don't get how you couldn't like veggies. :P I agree with the above. Blend/chop them and add to sauces or egg dishes. I don't think they can be noticed in sauces or stews with other flavors. for example, spinach or broccoli run through a food processor put in spaghetti sauce (do you like spaghetti squash?!)


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                    You people are weird.
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                      What about sweet veggies? Like roasted red peppers or celery or butternut squash or...
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                        I would say it's more mental than physical.

                        I cringe every time I hear a grown up say "I don't like vegetables."


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                          Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
                          I cringe every time I hear a grown up say "I don't like vegetables."
                          This. Could you eat them if mommy mashed them up for you and made plane noises as she spooned them into your mouth?

                          I kid, I kid. But seriously, there are so many types of vegetables and so many ways to prepare them. I find it very hard to believe that you simply can not stomach a single one. Try harder, and give yourself a chance to warm up to them.

                          One thing you can try is sauteing some chopped onions, garlic, and green bell peppers and tossing them in with some ground chuck. There's something wrong with you if you can't eat that. Herbs and spices also carry a lot of the same benefits as vegetables, so use those whenever you can.


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                            That would really suck to not like vegetables. Not a single vegetable on earth is edible to you?
                            Can you eat beef jerky?

                            Originally posted by Styrofoam Jones View Post
                            Could you eat them if mommy mashed them up for you and made plane noises as she spooned them into your mouth?
                            This made me laugh.
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                              How are you preparing your veggies? It sounds like you're just trying to choke down raw veggies, which is of course going to be unpleasant, and not entirely healthy either. It could be that you have some digestive issue that makes you ultra-sensitive to the antinutrients in raw vegetables.

                              Before you throw in the towel, I'd recommend trying something like this: butter-poached carrots

                              My go-to veggie side is sauteed onions, grape tomatoes, garlic, and kale, topped with lots of salt and feta. Veggies are delicious as long as you cover them in fat and cook the shit out of them.

                              And since you say you don't mind tomato sauce, then you can go ahead and cook down some onions, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach, then blend them all up together.
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