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  • Not doing so well

    I posted before that I think I have carb flu. It's still going on, but it's weird.

    I have been starting off the day with a zero carb breakfast. Eggs and bacon. Afterward I feel great. Hours later I have lunch and have carbs with it. Veggies - no grains or added sugars, but still carbs. It's after the meal with veggies that I start feeling bad.

    Does that make sense? Today I had my carb free breakfast and then when lunch rolled around I wasn't very hungry so I just had a cup of tea with cream. I felt great all day.

    At dinner I had roast chicken (plenty of fat - I ate the skin and I ate some bits in the drippings) with a good serving of broccoli with butter (from grass fed cows).

    After that I went to run an errand. As I was walking to the store I again started feeling lightheaded. A few times I actually had something funny go on with my vision (like a brief blurring).

    I got an orange from the store and ate it so I could drive home but later I realized this might have been stupid since it seems I only feel like this when I eat carbs.

    I've had many blood tests and I do not have diabetes or anything like that.

    I really felt great until a few days ago when this started. And I feel great all morning when I'm eating zero carbs. But once I eat veggies I feel bad. What is happening?

    And for the record, I don't think I'm eating too many or anything. I did my numbers the other day and my total carbs came to less than 50. So maybe I'm eating too few, but I need to space them more?


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    How many days/weeks ago did you start this low carb eating?
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      Doesn't sound like carb flu because its being triggered by carbs, not mitigated by them. You are very low carb. It may be that you need more. Say aroung 100g per day. Can you post a typical day's food intake?
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        I've only been eating this way just over 2 weeks (not quite 3). This only started a few days ago. I felt great til then.

        And I was a bit concerned tonight when I googled blurred vision and found it's a symptom of high blood sugar, so I took my sugar with my diabetic dh's blood tester and it was 86. Not high by any stretch of the imagination.

        I was trying to get lower because I have a significant amount of weight to lose, but you know, this did start when I lowered my carbs. Up to now I was eating veggies at every meal but it was only 3 or 4 (?) days ago that I started the no carb breakfast and this started.

        Today I ate -
        For breakfast - Three eggs scrambled in butter. Two pieces of lower sodium bacon.

        I had two radishes sometime after breakfast, and now that I think of it, I think I had two apple slices with cinnamon (my son's snack he didn't finish).

        Lunch - I just wasn't hungry so I had a cup of tea with cream (I used to be hungry ALL THE TIME! That's one of the things I love about this diet!).

        Dinner - Chicken with a good sized serving of broccoli with butter.

        It wasn't til dinner that I had significant carbs. I guess the apple slices and radishes weren't enough to trigger this, but the large serving of broccoli with dinner was.

        I usually eat lunch and it has a lot of veggies so that's usually when I start feeling bad.

        But before I started the zero carb breakfast, I ate veggies with every meal and felt fine. I guess the simple answer is to eat veggies with breakfast tomorrow and see what happens. I still want to know why I'm feeling like this though. It's making me a bit nervous (though I do feel relieved knowing my blood sugar is fine).


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          Ahem - I mean diet as in "what you eat" not diet as in "lose weight and then go back to stuffing myself with sugar". Just wanted to say that before anyone gets annoyed at me :-) (yes, I know we're supposed to say "way of eating" or something, but I grew up calling what a person ate a "diet" which is different from "dieting" and I can't seem to get used to the new PC terms, lol! )


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            Magnesium deficiency can cause this. Supplement 400-600 mg Magnesium Citrate an hour before bed (will help you relax, too!) Also make sure you are drinking enough water between meals.
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              Do grains have magnesium and that's why I'm lacking it now? Someone suggested magnesium the other day and I took some but I didn't think to continue it.


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                Most people (in the States) are deficient. It used to be prevalent in the water supply (in Paleo times), but no longer. I don't know the science behind it, sorry--I assume that many grain products are fortified with Magnesium.
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                  maybe you have hypoglycemia - low blood sugar events. This can cause dizziness and blurry vision among other symptoms. What other symptoms do you have?
                  Perhaps potassium levels should be looked at.
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                    I agree with the Magnesium and potassium suggestions. When giving up grains many people lose a lot of retained water, and therefore can become deficient in electrolytes. This can cause many issues - including some transient (sometimes orthostatic) hypotension. Many people find it helpful to add a little real sea salt to a glass or two of water per day or drink a cup or two of homemade chicken stock for the first month or two.

                    Long term, I think most people need to take Mg and keep and eye on potassium intake. I use Mg oil and take potassium supplement.
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                      is your magnesium oil a spray - how much do you use? I've recently got some - supposed to be better than oral supplementation.


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                        Try adding in a little fruit such as a banana, and having a potato with one of you meals such as the small red potatoes.


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                          Thanks all :-)

                          I emailed Dr. Eenfeldt and got an answer this morning. He said it's most probably what some said here - I lost a lot of water weight and minerals with it and I should try salting my food more and adding minerals til I adjust. He gave some other ideas (including the carb flu :-) but since I lost 6 lbs in the first week alone, I think that one is probably right.

                          I've never had a problem with blood sugar and all of this happened since starting this diet, so it's probably something like this.

                          Thanks for the help and I hope to give a good update soon


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                            You could be having a toxic event from burning off fat. Old fat can get toxic if the body uses it to get nasty stuff out of circulation, then when the fat is burned you have some detox to do.

                            If you felt great having veggies with every meal, then you should go back to that.

                            It's also a good idea to have a high-carb relatively low-fat and low-protein meal twice a week to reset everything and get some glycogen stored again.


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                              I posted about a similar situation (dizziness / lightheadedness) a few weeks ago at about week 2-3 of going primal, got the same mix of advice about mag / pot and also upping carbs. For me what worked was adding in some fruit, i.e. carbs - nothing crazy just 1 piece a day or so, but that helped.
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