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How many days have you gone without eating?

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  • How many days have you gone without eating?

    Well, the topic speaks for itself, how long have you fasted at most and what was the effect of the fast?
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    3 days, effects were weight loss. Didn't really have any other effects or problems. My body seems to do well with fasting.
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      6. By the end I had nosebleeds, blinding migraines and total lack of coherent thought.

      I was also in college, broke, and cramming for 4 finals, plus working 80 hours that week. I didn't eat because I didn't have time or interest. That's what stress will do to ya.

      Currently I've gone 2 days IF and started having headaches so stopped.
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        48 hours. Just drank black tea or water. May have lost a bit of weight but it didn't stay off.
        However, it did give me a sense of being in control of myself, like knowing I'm not going to die if I can't eat for a few days.
        I remember feeling quiet uplifted on the second day.
        Fasted from 9pm Friday to 9pm Sunday. Decided to eat as didn't want to go to work on Monday fasting.
        I would like to do a longer fast one day. Maybe take it to four days. It's meant to be healing.


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          Cool, Ive only done 24 hours but Im thinking about going for 48 on this one, 16 hours in and no hunger yet
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            When I was in college (many years ago) I would fast occasionally for a week or more. I think the longest I went was 10 days and I broke it with a burger and fries. My GI track was not happy! Always break a longer fast slowly and with lower fat as richer foods made me so sick after such a long fast. I must admit that I loved the control I felt and had no ill effects along the way - lost a lot of weight, but we all know that it comes back when you go back to eating junk!