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Which supplements do you store in the fridge?

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  • Which supplements do you store in the fridge?

    Hi there.

    I take vitamin d and omega 3 pills.
    I have the omega 3 pills in my fridge. Read somewhere here that this would be better.

    Where do you store your vitamin d pills and omega 3 pills? What do you think about putting them in the fridge?

    greets! Mike
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    I keep fish oil in the fridge in case it goes rancid, nothing else though.
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      I store my omega 3 pills and cod liver oil in the fridge. The main reason being to avoid getting "fish oil burps" when I take them in the morning without any food (i.e. when I skip breakfast).
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        Carlson's Fish oil and expensive Udo's probiotics when I have them.


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          My Chia seeds and my Madre Labs products are on the fridge, along with the fish oil as well (liquid).


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            I keep everything (liquid fish oil, vit d tabs, green tea tabs, multivit, probiotic) in the fridge. It's a cool, dry, dark place where I know the temperature will be constant.