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carb flu?

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  • carb flu?

    I think I finally got it. Which seems weird. I felt fine for two weeks of primal eating. Actually, one of those weeks I felt really energetic!

    But as of yesterday, I keep getting this foggy feeling in my head and feel tired. I've also been slightly dizzy a few times. Mostly later in the afternoon and the evening. At first I thought I was coming down with something but I have no other symptoms.

    So do I just muscle through it? Take it easy and wait til it goes away? Or is there a trick for getting through it quickly and painlessly?

    (fingers crossed there's some easy trick )

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    The usual recommendations on this board is to make sure you are eating enough fat and getting plenty of sleep. It will subside once your body transitions from burning simple carbs for fuel and instead using fat/ketones for fuel.

    For me personally it occurred around the 2 week mark as well. But I also believe I was overdoing it because I was still involved in some high interval training and basketball. Another factor was I quit coffee the same week so I believe I was also going through caffeine withdrawals. I didn't last too long though.
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      Magnesium can help with the dizziness. Also make sure you are drinking enough water.
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        Just hold out! If you're sticking to the diet, adding a little more fish oil and vitamin D help me a lot personally when I cheat a little too muh and get a temporary bout of the carb flu. It's definitely not going to stick around for long, don't let it deter you!
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          I'm definitely not stopping. I felt awesome up til now so I can take a few days (or a week?) of this if I can get back to the awesome.

          On the sleep - This morning I woke up *hours* after I usually do. I don't use an alarm clock, I just get up when I wake up (or when a kid wakes me). I guess my body knew I needed more than usual!

          I'll go chug some supplements and take it easy today. Thanks


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            It's either the carb flu or a big brain tumor. Probably carb flu though.
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              It's naht a tumah