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writing a paper on human rewilding and nutrition...

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  • writing a paper on human rewilding and nutrition...

    hey, I'm writing a paper and printing a letterpressed pamphlet on human rewilding and the role of nutrition in animal/human domestication in the development of large scale imperialism since the agricultural revolution. ( lol that was a really long sort of a broad speculative sentence huh? haha). I was hoping some of you (you are all so knowledgable!) had some links on any of these topics you could share with me:

    impact of grains on domestic animals (cows, sheep, etc)
    disease and grain consumption in humans, domestic animals, even household pets
    hunter gatherer diets vs SAD
    current tribes and their diets
    anything else you think is relevant

    i've done a fair amount of my own research, although i'm sure i'm missing a lot of important studies.

    let me know if you can help i'd really love to have some good information in this thing.
    i'll post my paper and scan the book when i get it finished!

    thanks again
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    Great topic. I would direct you to "1491" by T. Mann; "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by J. Diamond; and "Other Side of Eden" by Hugh Brody. I especially liked Brody's reflections. these are all less about diet than the link between animal husbandry and disease, and the link between farming and an imperialistic imperative. Diamond goes as far as to say that the types of religions (and the need for those religions to create a higher power worth sacrificing one's self in a war) are a reflection of where you are in the spectrum of hunter/gather to agriculture to city-state.


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      Collapse, also by Jared Diamond.
      How societies succeed and fail. Environment and food supply key. Cultural adaptations to change, or not. A total eye-opener and worth anyone's time.
      Good luck!


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        awesome, these all look incredibly interesting. I've been frequenting Primitivism for some of its articles, but would love some more scientific studies to reflect on. the pamphlet is coming along really well,

        sort of hard to see but here are some elements of the pages

        all printed on a vandercook letterpress
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          Human Brain Evolution: ASPM and FOXP2 : Evolution & Natural Selection • Rational Skepticism Forum

          this article is especially interesting, the link between domestication, diet, and brain shrinkage.... hmmmmmmmmmmmm :X
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