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Keto for 2 years--Problems emerging!

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    I read Nikolay's blog post. Much as I squirm at his vulgar language, I have to agree with most of his sentiments. Keto is a desperation diet for epileptic kids, but has benefits for cancer patients and severely obese. A keto diet does not require adding ketones, but removing carbs and excess proteins until either goals are met, or you're dead. Of course insulin factors in, as it does with any food diet, or even fasting. How it figures in is the key. If your diet doesn't include fat, it can't be keto, but is a shortcut to the grave. There! Another 2cents worth from someone with an opinion, right or wrong!
    PS. I wasn't including the fat you burn from your body in the diet, but even if you have plenty to spare, a fatless diet can prove lethal.
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