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Canadian Beef Jerky?

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  • Canadian Beef Jerky?

    I've been trying to find some grass-fed beef jerky in my neck of the woods so I don't have to pay all the crazy shipping fees from the US and deal with (potential) paperwork stresses. Yes, I know I could just make my own, but sometimes I'd like the quick option, say, if I'm suddenly headed out of town for work and haven't had time to make any (which happens often). And also, I can't find anywhere in town that sells any!

    Does anyone have any ideas? Canucks, I'm looking at you.....

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    Hi Robyn,
    Though I'm a little biased I'd recommend Longview Beef Jerky; full info can be found at Longview Beef Jerky - we can be found in lots of C-stores or you can order on-line. Hope this helps!


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      Longview beef jerky - contains soy, wheat, MSG and HFCS, be careful if you have any allergies


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        Any local butcher shop should be able to make it for you.
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