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Dark Chocolate w/Almond Butter, Coffee with cream and stevia.

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  • Dark Chocolate w/Almond Butter, Coffee with cream and stevia.

    Hello Everyone

    The title of this page has been my breakfast for the last couple of weeks. I know this isn't the best breakfast if I wanted to be 100 percent primal but I have found this balance gives me a bunch of energy throughout the day and helps keep me regular in the mornings. I usually use heavy no-carb cream but sometimes I use flavored processed stuff (5 grams of carbs in a tbsp).

    My portions usually make this anywhere from 25 to 40 grams of carbs. I usually don't eat more than 30 grams the rest of the day, so I am not consuming too many. However I was just wondering if dark chocolate and cream every morning will hinder my results. I'm sure they do a bit, but I love it and consider this my treat for the day.

    Does anyone have a similar breakfast? Also if anyone can give me insight on whether or not this is a no-no would be appreciated.

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    Well, I know it would hinder mine. Not to mention that that many carbs in the morning, or even at one sitting, would throw my body off. Generally insulin levels are highest in the morning and decrease throughout the day. Bodies will have more of a response to carbs in the morning as opposed to evening. That is the reason why many diabetics will restrict carb consumption more agressively in the morning than evening. I know I do better when I spread my carb consumption out through the day, and not take too much in at one sitting. Especially breakfast.

    Besides that, almond butter and dark chocolate (while delicious) does not supply a person with many nutrients for the calorie buck. I would not worry about the cream too much, but why choose to start your day off with something that does not carry much nutritional weight? Dark chocolate does contain sugar, so that would not be a great idea for primal breakfast.

    If you don't like the idea of eating in the morning,then don't eat. Wait until you are hungry.

    If you do want a meal, make it a solid one. Eggs and sauteed veggies, bacon or sausage. Heck, even a bowl of chicken soup would be better nutritionally for your body. If you want something lighter, greek yogurt and fruit, or veggies for that matter. If regularity is an issue, make sure that the meal contains a decent amount of fiber (veggies or coconut) and healthy fats.


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      You are getting a big caffeine hit, along with the fat. Might not be an issue if you are young and/or have no insulin resistance. Like Unicorn, it would be too many carbs and too much caffeine for me. If you don't have any negative results, then it probably isn't a big deal, although my bias is that variety is good.
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        Originally posted by TerpsPwn_387 View Post
        Hello Everyone

        I but sometimes I use flavored processed stuff (5 grams of carbs in a tbsp).
        I just read this, and this would be an absolute no way in my book. Primal is not about counting carbs, end of story. You need to look critically at what you are putting in your body and whether that is the absolute best choice. Processed crap is, indeed, crap. Unworthy of consumption. Simply don't do it.

        Do some reading on the Primal 101 page, including some photos/descriptions of what a healthy meal entails.


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          Thank you everyone for the input. I will have to start holding back on my love for dark chocolate dipped in almond butter. Shouldn't be too hard, 6 organic eggs cooked in coconut oil is also amazing .


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            What a yummy meal... I would just take out the stevia and just have the dark chococolate and almond butter... we have very similar tastes. Get a 85% or up (85% is good no need to go up but you can) and a good organic almond butter.

            Get some fish oil as well to get your omegas balanced (3 to 6).