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Feed Your Family For 50 - Primal Version - A Community Challenge

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  • Feed Your Family For 50 - Primal Version - A Community Challenge

    Hello fellow Primals.

    In the UK, one of the main supermarkets is running a big promotion to feed your family for 50. Obviously with the cost of food rising, a lot of people are jumping on this.

    Feed your family for 50 | Family meals & meal plans | Sainsbury's

    The menu contains, as you'd expect, quite a bit of grain filler.

    Here's my challenge to the community - who can come up with the best PRIMAL menu for a family of 4 (or a couple if you prefer) for the least money (or marketable round figure like 50, 60, $90 etc) per week.

    3 meals per day (no snacks).

    Who's up for the challenge?

    You can get UK prices on foods here: Compare Supermarket Prices | Online Supermarket Shopping - mySupermarket

    Looking forward to seeing what people can come up with - I'm going to have a go myself after work... I'm particular interested in a menu that serves up a good range of nutrients.

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    I'm away for a week starting tomorrow, but I'm up for this when I get back!

    In fact, a few weeks ago I started writing down the item and price each time I bought food and am delighted how well fed I and my partner are on so small an amount of money. Lots of offal, and three for 10 wild alaskan salmon from M&S help in this! That and buying a weeks worth of veg from the market. Sadly, my weekly wine bill was higher than the food bill, so wine is now OUT!


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      Yeah, I'm in this boat right now of needing to spend less... gosh.... I spend around 100 a week on just my husband and I.... and that's not grass fed either...
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        Ok, Canadian prices (and, due to my budget or lack thereof, not organic or grass-fed, one adult male, one adult female) ... I'll give it a shot

        Breakfast = $16.00
        36 omega 3 eggs from Cosco - $8.50 (2 eggs each per bkfst x 7 days = 28 eggs)
        2 pounds bacon from Costco - $7.50

        Lunches = $31.50
        lunch 1 - 2 cans tuna - $2
        lunch 2 - 2 cans sockeye salmon - $4
        lunch 3 - 2 angus beef hamburger patties (from frozen) - $2.50
        lunch 4 - 2 servings leftover rotisserie chicken (see supper) - $0
        lunch 5 - 4 chicken thighs - $2
        lunch 6 - 2 omelettes (2 eggs each leftover from bkfst egg purchase w/leftover supper veggies) - $0
        lunch 7 - ham steak (1/2 per person) $3.50
        2 tubs mixed greens - $8
        1 pkg (5) avocados - $5
        1 pkg mini cucumbers - $3
        1 orange pepper - $1.50

        Suppers = $44.00
        Supper 1 - Rotisserie Chicken - $7.50
        Supper 2 - beef stew in crockpot - $5.00
        Supper 3 - angus beef hamburgers $2.50
        Supper 4 - Pork chops - $4.00
        Supper 5 - Whatever steak is on sale - $7.00 (I can usually get a decent one for this price and we split it 1/3 me, 2/3 him)
        Supper 6 - Spaghetti sauce made with italian sausage and served with spaghetti squash - $4.50
        Supper 7 - some kind of fish or shrimp (from frozen) $4
        broccoli - $1.50
        cauliflower - $2.00
        spinach or swiss chard - $2.00
        4 sweet potatoes - $3.00
        2 white potatoes - $1.00

        Extras = $14.75
        1/4 bottle olive oil - $1.25
        1/4 bottle balsamic vinegar $1
        1/2 jar coffee $2
        1/2 lb butter $2
        bag of frozen berries - $4
        can of coconut milk $2
        bag of pork rinds $1.50
        pkg of creamed coconut $1

        I'm over! Total is $106.25 CDN. And this doesn't include the non-primal foods that my DH and daughter like to munch on. I'm working on converting them, but it's a slow process.
        Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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          Thanks guys.

          Belinda thanks for the detail!

          Only just got round to doing mine - tried to keep it simple.

          It feeds a primal couple for 100 per week - it does focus on Organic and is fairly representative of what I eat (my wife isn't primal), though I have more variety and veg week to week. Doesn't include 'cupboard' items to keep it under 100.

          3 eggs per day
          1 pack bacon shared per week (weekend treat)
          Black pudding (British blood sausage) on weekend

          M Left over chicken
          T Salmon and Coconut Milk chowder
          W Chicken Breast salad
          T Sardines in olive oil salad
          F Liver and onions
          S Sausages Gluten Free with salad
          S Buffalo sausages with salad

          M Beef mince salad
          T Rib eye steak with 3 veg
          W Spag Bol with 3 veg
          T Pork Joint with 3 veg
          F Mussells with 3 veg
          S Lamb Slow Cook with 3 veg
          S Chicken with 3 veg

          Shopping list with Ocado (home delivery)
          Blue Dragon Mini Coconut Milk 165ml 69p
          Bury 4 Black Pudding Slices 230g 1.08
          Frozen Cauliflower Florets essential Waitrose 1kg 1.07
          Frozen Organic Broccoli Waitrose 500g 1.79
          Baby Avocado essential Waitrose 4 per pack x 2 3.38
          Cucumber essential Waitrose 80p
          Curly Kale Waitrose 200g 1.19
          Ocado Wild Rocket 70g x 2 2.00
          Onions Waitrose 3 per pack 55p
          Organic Cherry Tomatoes Waitrose 250g Offer - Buy 2 for 2 2.00
          Spinach essential Waitrose 400g 1.60
          Aberdeen Angus Rib Eye Steak - Thin Cut Waitrose Typical weight: 0.2kg x 2 10.00
          Debbie & Andrew's 97% Pork Harrogate Sausages 400g 2.58
          Duchy From Waitrose Organic Free Range Medium Eggs 6 per pack 2.15
          Duchy From Waitrose Organic Free Range Medium Eggs 12 per pack x 3 11.97
          Duchy From Waitrose Organic Prime Mince Beef 20% Fat 500g 2.99
          Laverstoke Park Farm Smokey Buffalo Sausages 400g 3.99
          Ocado Half Leg of Welsh Lamb Typical weight: 1kg 9.49
          Organic Chicken Livers Waitrose 400g 2.29
          Scottish Cooked Mussels with Garlic Butter Sauce 500g 5.98
          Spoiltpig Smoked Dry Cured Streaky Bacon 184g 2.69
          The Black Farmer Organic Chicken Breast Fillets Typical weight: 325g 5.24
          The Black Farmer Organic Whole Chicken Typical weight: 1.9kg 11.20
          Free Range Pork Sage & Onion Stuffed Shoulder Joint 6.68
          John West Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil 95g 1.90
          John West Reserve Red Salmon Wild 213g
          Offer - Save 33%, was 3.38 4.51

          TOTAL 99.81

          Looking forward to learning and seeing what others come up with.

          I haven't put my list above through fit day or anything and it shows that with high quality protein, primal eating is a lot more expensive (my way) that the feed your family for 50 offer in the UK.