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Unsatiable. Unsatiability.

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  • Unsatiable. Unsatiability.

    Simply put, my breakfast (not IFing today) did not "fill me up", im craving more and i want to know whether i should eat more, or just deal with it mentally. For breakfast i had 3 eggs, about 150g bacon. Primally i am running pretty low, being that im a broke live at home student with no other primal family members, so i would need to eat tuna, gluten and preservative free conventional sausages (the butcher doesnt add crap, just some spices, but the meat is conventional), brocolli or some cashews(which wont fill me up)

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    eat a pile of broccoli and some cashews.


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      If I am hungry, I eat. I think any of the food on your list sounds reasonable, but I would make broccoli with sausages.
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        It's okay if there are days where you need to eat more - it happens! Save the bacon fat and cook your broccoli in it.

        Are you physically active?
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          Yeah i am fairly active, lift heavy weights 3 times a week, play basketball once a week, walk most days for around an hour. My ultimate goal is it lose my remaining excess fat and also build some muscle.


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            Eat some eggs or eggwhites, you could eat 32oz or 2lbs of egg whites for only 500 calories, which would leave anyone stuffed (but not weighed down because of the lack of carbs or fat). Haha, even 8-12oz is plenty.
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              Dunno - I eat until I'm full or even beyond full on occasion. I end up feeling full longer and eating less the next meal or next day - at this point I don't try to starve myself unless I am doing an IF at which point I will eat till full afterwards.

              I've lost about 20 pounds and have probably 15 to 20 to go (working on putting on muscle to compensate for fat loss as well).


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                I would personally just eat more. Have 4 or 5 eggs, have extra bacon, toss some cheese in with your eggs... if you're hungry, listen to your body. I go through periods where I'm ravenous and can't eat enough, and other times where I pick at my food and don't eat much all day. I figure as long as what I'm putting into my body is healthy with nutrition value, it'll even out.
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