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  • Science! DIY edition.

    What I've been noticing here is that when a person either fails to lose weight or plateaus, they get about 20 different opinion/solutions to their problem. Which is good, because not everyone's body responds in the same way to different protocols, but still, it's confusing.

    Also, a lot of the studies we look to to answer questions re: what is the best way of eating come from studies that are already biased toward the SAD, and so the results don't necessarily apply to us primal folks.

    So, what do you guys think about this:

    Let's divide into groups and test different ways of eating. I'm just throwing this out there, I don't have any specific plan in mind (we can discuss it in this thread, if anyone is actually interested in this), but maybe something like this: Lets say we have 30 women willing to participate who are between 30-40, and have 10-30 lbs to lose. Half of these women will volunteer to do an (for instance) IF protocol, something pretty specific as to calories/times whatever, and the other half will do something else. We'd need to keep other variables fairly small. 'Cause this is science, y'all. And then we could report back in 6 weeks or whatever. And we could do different things with different groups of people. We could make it an experiment of the month club, or something.

    Obviously, this isn't going to get published on pubmed or anything, but hell, I think it would be interesting.

    Anyone interested? Any ideas to contribute?

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    Had this idea before, really hope other have too.
    Im up for contributing.

    Edit: oops, you only want women. Last time i checked this counts me out
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      sure, i'm in. maybe if we get enough participants...
      my primal journal:


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        Well...whats to stop the same protocol runnig for Male......Count me in too...


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          And of course you'll include a control group that doesn't change what they're eating, just in case simply doing something different is all that's needed? Of course you will.
          "Thanks to the combination of meat, calcium-rich leaf foods, and a vigorous life, the early hunter-gatherers were robust, with strong skeletons, jaws, and teeth." - Harold McGee, On Food And Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen