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This kids needs to learn about primal eating...

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  • This kids needs to learn about primal eating...

    Have you guys seen this? This poor kid decided that eating raw vegan would be best, and he's suffering for it. It's generated a bit of discussion. He's changed the second shot to appear more muscular (apparently, the first "after" picture he posted made him look extremely flabby and acne-ridden).

    I wouldn't have posted this if it didn't already generate a bunch of discussion (the guy from twittered it), because I wouldn't want the kid to suffer any more embarrassment.
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    lol "aka frugo"

    his new "after" shot is worse than the original, what the hell is wrong with his spine?? I saw this from Free the Animal a while back.

    An acquaintance from college started messaging me on facebook after seeing the stuff I would post (different links, not all paleo/primal specifically, but just hinting at generally not eating shitty foods) and turns out he's kind of a raw foodist, not vegan though as he eats eggs and raw milk. He's not anti meat eating but doesn't do it himself. We've been having some pretty good and friendly back and forth and we both at least agree that eating natural foods is far and away better than eating overly processed foods. He's said that if people went paleo they'd be better off, but he's of the strong opinion that it's grass fed meat or nothing. I guess he's not far off, but I'm convinced that grain fed meat is better than none at all.
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