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Just How Many Eggs CAN I Eat Per Day?

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    I guess hens are true omnivores, so cage-raised hens/eggs aren't a worry (welfare is another issue sadly).

    I believe the official PB line on grain fed meat is to have the lean, then up your fats by using e.g.coconut oil, olive oil... this is because many toxins are fat soluble and so would be stored there.

    Would the OP be able to afford these, or grass fed butter for their fats?

    As for hormones, just think of how much contraceptive pill you guzzle down in normal water (!!) - no doubt we live in a pretty toxic environment, we all do the best we can. Again, I think the fat-solubility is a major factor.

    Personally, I eat whatever meat I fancy but take omega 3 supplements to balance out the omega 6. I also get organic butter (hate coconut milk/can't find oil).



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      I think you should be fine eating those three, eggs, chicken, and beef. Personally, if i had to go heavy on any of the three you listed, cage hen eggs are probably the best bet out of the three. You could look into farmers markets if the store is too pricey for the organic free range eggs. Most the local farmers and farmers market people here usually price them around 2-2.50 a doz, which isn't much more than the cage ones from the store. I typically go through 2-3 doz a week of the organic free range ones and mainly choose them just cause the better taste over the cage ones that seem to be bland.

      You mention your family routinely lives into their 90s, same here actually to 100's, and I'm betting they ate there fair share of eggs anyway they could get em. My grandfather currently 96, up till around 92 ate around 5-8 eggs everyday. He still eats about 3-5 a day and is in better health than most people in their 60-70s.


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        This is what I love about this website! Lots of varied, friendly advice. Now, where to start.....

        OTB - Yeah, the Stop'n'Shop that I frequent has their own Nature's Promise brand, which is basically a catch-all label for anything remotely better than their normal stock. Example: The word 'organic' is thrown around pretty much at will. I try to grab as much of that stuff as I can, if there's no better alternative.

        Acmebike - Thanks for the reading materials! It's a lot that I need to work through, and I will definitely have a ton of questions if and when I get the test done. I flip-flop between 'pssh, I know I'm fine' and 'this is my third day in a row that I'm having an omelette for breakfast and I'm going to keel over any minute!' Still trying to work that thinking out (the last vestiges of my anxiety complex) but I'm due for a physical anyways so I might as well get it.

        FNW, musagen - Thanks for the support. Good to hear other people are packing away as many eggs as I sometimes do. Maybe we just need to expand the conception of what 'breakfast' food is hahaha

        ASnutrition - I learned a lot about the feeding cycles of livestock and it's pretty damn gross. Unfortunately I don't live in Cali (we're slated to get snow this weekend..... ugh) but I DO live 15 minutes away from a Whole Foods, which has a killer produce/meat/everything selection. I just don't have a car to get there.

        Raphael - I can afford grass-fed meats, but a) I need to pay student loans and am saving up to afford an apartment, b) without fail anything I DO bring home for myself is eaten by the rest of the fam, regardless of what I say. It's a bit of a lose-lose, but I'm trying to work around it.

        There are farmer's markets every Wednesday near my work, but because of the cold weather I don't think they'll be around much longer. I'll go next week if I can and check prices and maybe splurge.

        You guys have given me hope, and I appreciate that. I think honestly my original post might have been out of frustration more than anything else. Out of college, living at home, shitty job with bad hours, no car, unable to afford the lifestyle (i.e. food) that I need. I'm sure you've all been there.

        So thanks for the responses, it's a lot to chew on. If anyone does have any info about the health effects of 'normal' meat consumption and relatively Primal (I'm about 70/30 right now, looking to change that!) eating habits, I'd be happy to hear them.