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do i need a supplement??

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  • do i need a supplement??

    hey guys stats are :female , 24yo , 5'4 , 137lbs started primal 2 weeks ago and lost 6lbs so far
    im getting bout 80-90g of protein per day just from food and staying between 70-100g of carbs

    now my q is i dont like eating fish very much and eat the eggs at breakfast time and meat at dinner time so could i take a protein drink if i find a low carb one instead if its ok have ye any good brands(i live in ireland by the way)

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    Several people on these forums (myself included) take whey protein supplements, and mark sells one himself. There is nothing bad about it, except that some people don't feel the same effects on satiety drinking their food compared to eating it. I probably wouldnt say it contains an awesome amount of micronutrients, because it doesn't, but as long as you eat whole foods otherwise..


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      I had great success starting out by using protein drinks in place of meals. The key is finding the right one. Don't know what you can find in Ireland, however. Key thing is look for ones that use primal ingrediants, like primarily whey, and don't have soy, etc... or too much sweetener.

      Sometimes you can use heavy cream (or coconut milk) in the protein drink to manage your levels of fat consumption. I have also taken to eating a spoonful of coconut oil immediately prior to the protein drink to "chase" it down.

      The beauty of the protein drink is it makes sure you get your protein, while you supplement the fat needed for satiety.

      Good luck!