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Cheat followed by coconut oil the next morning = BAD!!

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  • Cheat followed by coconut oil the next morning = BAD!!

    I wish I could go home and lay down right now I feel so sick!! I cheated last night when my co-workers and I went out for Cinco de Mayo with one drink and a dessert.

    This morning I had an espresso with coconut oil in it for breakfast and I feel horrible. Ughhhh... I think IF'ing would have been a better idea. I'm never mixing the two again!!!

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    was this your first time having coconut oil?... it usually makes me feel better the morning after a cheat


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      I've been having about 1 Tbsp every morning for about a month. Since I started PB a year ago I have been using CO for cooking. It has always made me slightly nauseous when I have the tsp in my coffee but today it's 10x worse. .

      I don't know why I keep reading how CO is so beneficial but if it is why do I feel so sick from it ...


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        I hear it's pretty common for people to get sick on it, even when primal. I don't know the science behind it but I would guess it has something to do with the chemical properties in your stomach because coconut oil is antifungal/antiviral.

        I would also guess that it is still beneficial for you even though you feel sick from taking it. Not sure though... I guess that some people can just handle it better than others


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          Yeh, coconut oil is highly antifungal. maybe youve got some bad bugs going on down in your gut that respond to sugar... the alcohol and dessert would have fed them and now the CO is trying to take control again. Also, maybe its not the coconut oil at all that is making you feel how you feel right now ... maybe its just because you ate some crap food that your body doesnt want anymore... and the coconut oil is an innocent bystander