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Plaintain chips!

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  • Plaintain chips!

    omg. These are hereby no longer allowed in my house. I cannot control myself around them. Equally as irresistable as fritos. bad bad bad. Anything that i just feel so out of control with has to be bad for me.

    need to stick to cracklins for crunchy b/c they are filling and i don't go crazy with them like the plaintain chips.

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    I'm not that way with the chips but if there is a food I can't stop eating then it's a no no in the future. I'm a terrible binge eater. Eating Primal has helped me realize that and I rarely binge anymore.


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      I too love Plantain chips!! along with danielle coconut chips, lara coconut bars and macadamia nuts. When snacking on the Plantain chips I try to eat it with an avocado or guac. It's a lot more satisfying and tasty with dip anyways!


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        I cannot keep cashews or macadama nuts in the house at all. I go crazy on them but am perfectly fine eating other nuts. I haven't tried plantain chips and after reading this will have to keep away.


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          My ex is Cuban and introduced me to a version of fried plaintains called "tostones" you can google for recipes. They're not too hard to make, and would be perfectly primal, I believe. They're not thin and flakey like a chip, but rather thicker and crunchy. They end up about the thickness and size of an average cookie.

          It might be a healthier obsession for you.

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