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Butcher shop vs. grocery store?

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  • Butcher shop vs. grocery store?

    Ok, so ideally I would buy all grassfed beef straight from the farm, but at the moment that simply isn't in the budget. We love steak, so what I've been doing is buying the best I can that is discounted at the grocery store, Kroger will sometimes have 3 ribeyes for $12 or so, which seems pretty fair to me.

    What are some advantages of going to a butcher instead? Would it be much more expensive? Are there cheaper options there? Does it just depend on the butcher? I've never actually been to a butcher shop before, always just got my meat at the grocery store.

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    it definitely depends on the butcher, as to whether the price difference is worth it.
    the cuts of meat at my grocery store sometime look like kid cut the mean with safety scissors (when there is a mega sale)
    talk to your butcher and see the kind of meat they have.

    but the bottom line (for me) is if i cant afford the "good meat" is to eat the stuff i can, and splurge when that is viable.


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      I love my local meat market. I've gotten to know the guys in there and the prices are usually either the same or lower than the grocery store. I also like that I can go in and just buy a half a pound of this or that as they'll package it for me however I want (I'm a singleton and if I buy a pound of beef I'm eating nothing but beef for the next couple of days - boo) I also like that they tend to have a better selection of proteins. I can get seafood and fish there too. And their home made jerky etc is better than anything you can buy in the bag at the grocery store.


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        I love the butcher where I used to live. Still looking for a good one.

        I'll agree about 'most' store bought jerky! Not all though. Not all!
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          Grocery store meat always leaves something to be desired. I can definitely taste the delightful difference in a good hunk of grassfed beef.

          As for me, I found a grassfed meat CSA and just signed up for monthly deliveries. First drop off is next week! It's going to be like meat Christmas here at the House of Singing Frogs!

          Also, calculating weight and price, I will be paying way, way less for my grassfed goodies by going with a farm than by going to Sprouts and hoping their meager grassfed options are in stock. Even Whole Foods depressed me with their grassfed selection: shortribs, beef liver, and ground beef. That. Was. It. What. The. Eff? (And we won't talk about the price. We just won't.)

          We will talk about making the butcher lad fetch me six chicken feet, though. The look on his face. PRICELESS. Bwahahahahahahaha!

          It really, really helps to be an adventurous cook in these situations. I can do anything with just about everything, so when I do have to go to a store for my meat, and all I have to work with are shortribs, I rise to the challenge.
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            Well I went to a local beef store (they sell beef, jerky, bbq stuff) instead of the supermarket, and their prices were really reasonable for much better quality meat! Not fully grass fed, but all natural with no hormones or antibiotics, so that's a start. They also had some bacon for a lot cheaper than it is in the stores, and supposedly it doesn't have nitrates or sugar. The package doesn't have ingredients, so I'm calling the manufacturer tomorrow to make sure it really is what I was looking for. If it is, they have a customer for life!

            I'm still going to shop around, check out a few other places in town, see if any of them have better deals or grass fed or anything like that. I'm also still on the hunt for chicken feet and tallow, so I'll keep looking.