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    It's really hard when all my family lives in Australia (Where I am from) and so I only have my partners family here and we go there all the time so i felt I should be up front and tell her. They are very opinionated when it comes to nearly everything. I was speaking to her yesterday and she thinks I should run this by her nutritionist and my doctor. I told her that I have never felt better, looked better and I have no slump or crash everyday like I used to. I said that if she is concerned or wants to know more go to these websites etc and I left it at that.

    I am just going to continue this and hopefully my progress will be proof enough. As Maba said I am responsible for my health and I should be able to choose what I put into my body at the end of the day. She would have been all for it if I had lied and said I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or something.

    Thanks for all the feedback.