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How do you know when you're full?

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  • How do you know when you're full?

    Just for the record, Yes, I have read the book, and tried research of my own. ; )

    I haven't been given any specific answers. Mark says to eat until you don't feel hungry anymore. Honestly that could be 2 bites, and I would last another 2 hours. Yes, even in this situation I am truly hungry. Hunger pangs, drinks a cup of water, they come back, walk a bit, they come back. So obviously I'm hungry. I pulled out my 3 scrambled eggs, and steak. Really by the time I get half way through my eggs, I could technically no longer eat. But after polishing off the 3 eggs and 8oz steak, I still feel the same as I did when I was half way through my eggs. So, my question is am I eating enough, should I stop at that (cause really that's all I brought), or should I be bringing more in? How do you know when you're full?

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    personally i had to start listening to the dialog in my head and be counter to it. for years i woudl tell myself i was not hungry. after 11 months of following a new protocol i realize that i am still doing that , just so fast i dont see/hear it. so just this week i decided that if the thought came thru my head " you are not hungry" that meant i was.

    I eat until i no longer feel jittery or stomach stops growling.

    for me it is a very sensitive state
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      I usually eat 1 or 2 meals later in the day. I eat until I get tired of eating basically, haha. At least for the first meal. Sometimes I feel like I just never get "full" and sometimes it takes way less food than I would think I should eat, but lately it's been easier for me to strike a balance.


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        I think if you are coming from SAD or even a deprivation diet to the Primal Blueprint - hunger signals can be totally messed up and really hard to interpret. This comes with time and practice and I always find that if I have an "off" day and consume too much sugar or have an unusually high carb day - I'll be more out of touch with my body's hunger signals.

        I found that at first it was easier to just track calories and make sure my macronutrients were in line with what my body needed (.7 g protein/ lb of lean mass, around 100 g fat & fewer than 100g carbs) and my calories were roughly set to my BMR adjusted with the Harris Benedict Formula. This gave me a guideline for the amount of food I "needed" and I would just gauge that against the amount of food I "wanted". Usually, I'd be prone to over eating - but my guess is that having this guideline would also help with under eating.

        I know its not as simple as that... but I found having some sort of guideline helped me tune into my body's signals. I suspect that if you truly stopped eating after a few bites, you'd be hungry again shortly after. If you are finding you are hungry between meals, you could also try drinking tea with heavy cream or coconut milk instead of water.
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          And then there are times like this morning where I wasn't hungry AT ALL. But i ate anyway. 2 eggs and 2 sausage patties.
          I did a 23 hour fast yesterday, breaking it at dinner. Figured I better eat something this morning, but not too much.


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            I understand the hunger portion of only eating when your hungry. I'm working with IFing at the moment, and only eating about 2x a day. Right now I break my fast at around 12PM, and then have dinner around 5:30 PM or so. Everytime I sit down to eat healthy primal foods, I never get the "Gosh I'm so full" feeling. Obviously this is caused by not eating breads, pastas, and foods high in carbs. But how should I know when to stop eating I guess, since that fullness feeling never happens?


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              Eventually it will "click" - the way that full feels on PB is nothing like the way you feel when CW "food" makes you "full". Full simply means "not receiving hunger signals any more." Nothing at all like that "stuffed, bloated, drowsy" feeling that CW gives you.
              Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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                When I feel full it used to mean my stomach is stuffed and I can't put any more in there. Now there is a stage somewhere in my meal (usually before my plate is completely empty) that I get a sense that I really don't need to eat any more - something inside me says its ok to stop now. My intellect doesn't always agree with it, sometimes it doesn't seem like I have eaten very much before it happens. I still have a hard time believing my body and sometimes continue to eat more anyways, but my body will continue to say stop, and then I do. I am getting better at listening to my body, but it is a skill that I am in the process of learning.

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                  I'm no longer hungry. I look at my plate and don't have a deep desire to eat anything. I probably could but I don't really feel I need to.


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                    I wish I could learn to stop eating when full. I just keep going till my plate is empty. Sometimes I feel stuffed in a CW sense.


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                      How much fat are you having?
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                        For me it's a struggle because I just can't eat a lot of food at once, and I can't eat in the morning - my body just doesn't want food for a few hours after waking. (I'm historically skinny and started gaining at middle age - I call it my puberty, LOL.)

                        Historically I get "full" - my body not wanting another bite, then I may get hungry again a few hours later. So in the past I thought I needed to eat lots of small meals throughout the day/into the late evening.

                        Since going Primal, I've noticed that if I eat an adequate amount of fats, I am not getting hungry between meals as often as before. I'm still playing with just how much fats I need to eat in order to balance this out.
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                          Originally posted by avelin View Post
                          How much fat are you having?
                          Don't know if you mean me but I will answer.
                          I eat lots of fat. Fatty meats and added butter on veggies, cream, cheese, coconut etc etc. I just like food too much. Plus I was brought up to eat all on my plate.


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                            After having lived overseas for 10 years I got used to smaller portion sizes. I only serve myself what I think I should eat, it comes naturally now, and often find that I stop eating before I get through all of it. And I try to slow down so I actually pay attention to how much and what I'm eating. On the rare occasions that I do stuff myself I always end up miserable and mad at myself.
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                              If the issue is as emotional as it is physiological, just be patient with yourself. Don't judge yourself harshly about any of the difficulties or get too frustrated. Sorry to get all "meta" on you but I went through this. I just decided to listen to my body, make the choices I knew were good, and trust the resulting balance while attempting to be kind to myself. Now I find myself eating certain portions/amounts because I know - even without having to analyze my hunger - what my body needs at that moment.
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