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Raw Eggs (Pasteurized)

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  • Raw Eggs (Pasteurized)

    Anyone here drink the raw egg beaters (or egg whites) right out of the carton? I saw on TV that they pasteurize them because they know bodybuilders (who don't have the time to cook\eat 32oz of eggs) will chug them down.

    I bought 8 32oz cartons of Egg Whites Beaters (currently doing 1000 calories, 80% from protein for 2 weeks, as a Protein Sparing Modified Fast, recommended by Lyle McDonald, who wrote The Ketogenic Diet) and plan on downing 1 of them a day (about 500 calories) for 2 weeks before going back to normal Primal (60% fat, 25% protein, 15% carbs)

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    4 raw organic eggs, in a cup, whenever i'm running late in the morning,

    like so,

    Drinking Raw Eggs: Is it Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple


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      God yes.


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        I eat raw yolks all the time.

        I typically don't eat raw whites because of the avidin (which Mark mentions in the post that Hugo linked to).


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          I eat raw eggs and never had a problem. I don't buy mine at a store though, but from my neighbour. They're claimed salmonella free, though.

          I eat them raw on top of nattou. I rarely eat cooked yolks, actually, but I do prefer cooked whites.


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            I rarely just eat a raw egg, but I make mayo with raw eggs, mousse, meringue... (cookie dough);the key thing is to wash the shells before you crack them. I have never been afraid of raw egs and I have never gotten ill from them.
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              If I was going to do raw eggs, I'd just have some of my organic eggs. I'm not a fan of processed foods... But in all reality, I always cook my eggs. It makes the nutrients more bioavailable, from what I read at least.
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                Oh wow. I never knew about this. I need to step up my nutrient-article-forum-etc reading game. Did that make you squeamish when you first tried it?


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                  I eat real eggs (usually mixed with something else like coconut milk). No fear of raw. Definite fear of frankenfood egg beaters :P
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