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what should i take to school?

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  • what should i take to school?

    hi, what should i take to school to eat?
    until now i took sandwiches, but now??
    +before eating more primal, i ate a breakfast before school, and ate like 2 sandwiches at school.
    (was at a long vocation so i didnt go to school while eating primaly yet), but now il probably wont even be hungry until like half the school day.
    so. what should i take to school?

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    Do you have time to cook?
    I bring Indian food or a big salad to school every day. I heat it up in the microwave if it' Indian food and just add some olive oil + vinegar if it's the salad. Sometimes I bring my own mixed dressing.


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      i dont realy have time to cook in the morning.
      i was thinking about some walnuts maybe? and some vegetables.


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        In the evening, I cook up a piece of fish or some chicken thighs or something like that to have for protein the next day. If I don't do that, I use a can of tuna or salmon in my salad.

        Don't rely too much on nuts, especially if you're looking to the PB to help you lose weight.
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          Obviously not in the morning. I make it Sunday afternoon and make enough for 3-4 meals. Tupperware. Microwave.


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            How about some homemade beef jerky and some veggies? Or a huge salad topped with some sort of meat?