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How to Re-train My Calorie Counting Brain?

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    Originally posted by Griff View Post
    The scale part is easy. Take the scale outside. Set it on the driveway. Go get a sledgehammer. Smash the scale with the sledgehammer. Throw the bits in the garbage can and sweep up the shattered stuff and toss that, too. Put away the sledgehammer.
    I wish you luck.
    ayyy done this!!!! prolly one of the top 5 best feelings

    for calories, i stopped first by curing malnutirition. a mind at ease will take to changes much better. you count for a reason be it stress relief etc, so find another way to relieve stress. then i had to change my view of food. i stopped viewing it as numbers and look at it as nourishment. for example instead of looking at fried eggs and beef liverand worrying about a caloric number some dude gave it which isnt accurate anyways, look at the rack of b vitamins, choline and everything else that meal provides you.

    helps not to eat by yourself also as you cant sit and analyze
    Get on my Level


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      Julie, what's a bodybugg?

      And yes! Start your no-calorie counting journey with me today! High fives all around!


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        A bodybugg is that thing that the people on The Biggest Loser wear on their arm.

        At the end of the day, it tells you how many calories you've burned, what your deficit is, your nutrition breakdown (you put your food into
        their tracking system) and it comes up with all kinds of cool charts and graphs.

        You can download your stuff as many times a day as you want to see where you are.

        It'll tell you that you have "this many" more calories to burn to meet your daily deficit, so get off your buns and get out there!

        Anyway, super spiffy dealybob... but after a year, I think I've got it. Still fun to wear though... for us OCD over the top people, but I can
        hack not wearing it for a month or so. Or even after that, if I'm over it, I'll sell it.

        SO! Yesterday was the first day of not tracking, counting or weighing food. I must say, I was a little anxious, but I know for a fact I ended up
        eating less than I normally would just because I didn't have that "oh, i have 300 more calories left to eat... should I? Shouldn't I? Am I hungry?
        No, no you're not you fat slob, you just want to eat those calories because they're staring at you and "you can". Annoying.

        And no, I'm not really a fat slob and nor do I call myself that, but still. I see that I'm not at my calorie limit and for some reason it'd give
        me license to eat even though I wasn't hungry. Lame.

        So, here's to day 2.

        How are you doing, Robyn?



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          Yesterday was a fine non-calorie counting day for me! Throughout work hours, I didn't once think about plugging my vittles into my little iPhone app (but that was probably because I spent most of my day here on MDA reading about good health and well-being). Then, I got home....and I had to physically tell myself not to see how many calories were in the little egg square I just ate. I turned my phone off and put it in my room so I wouldn't think about it. Thank god hockey was on, otherwise I probably would have fretted myself silly about my calorie count.

          Today is going well, but it's the after work time, when I have more time to myself, that I start to really get crazy with the eating and the counting and the guilt.

          I'm notoriously terrible for eating poorly on the weekends as we're usually out and about and I forget to eat and come home ravenous and try to eat everything but the kitchen sink. Sometimes I even go for the kitchen sink. BUT, I'm gonna be strong and just try to be a normal person with normal eating when hungry and all that. I'm gonna be a survivor (cue Destiny's Child)....


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            Yeah, I'm not doing so well... not only do i feel like a fat toad, but I don't know if it's because it's PMS, I'm eating too much, or just in a shit-ass mood
            because calorie counting was my "control" and now I don't have it so I'm whack and in full on withdrawl.

            Could be all of the above....

            What I DO KNOW, is that along with eliminating gluten, grains, fruit, dairy and booze... seems like now I need to give up seeds and nuts too because
            they call to me... and then I eat them with wild abandon......

            I fer shure know how many calories are in 10 macadamia nuts and the other day i stuffed my fat face with about 50 of them.

            But I drank a diet root beer along side them, so, you know, those calories were negated, right? RIGHT!

            Carry on Robyn....

            I hope I get out of my funk soon. This bites.

            I thought going off BOOZE was hard, after being a Professional Nightly Drinker for 23 years.... yeah, well...... sigh.



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              So...I counted calories for 6 weeks. Boring! It did work for fat loss, but I needed to find a more sustainable way to manage my food intake.

              I gently started Intermittent Fasting and have been able to shift from 3 meals, plus snacks to 1-2 meals a day. It's really working for me--and I only have a pound or two to lose!

              Here is a good Primer, if you are interested:
              Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
              Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
              Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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                Thanks Dragonfly,

                I think I'm pretty much iffing as it is... well, I mean, it seems like it to me.

                I have 1/2 cup of coffee at 6:30am (which *does* break the fast, but it ain't a meal), then I have my first meal of the day at 12:30
                then dinner at 6pm.

                I go to bed around 9 - so if you don't count the coffee - it's a good 15 hours of fasting.

                My problem is eating something fully satiating, but then having something legal and toothsome pop into my head and then I HAVE to have it.

                Like them nuts. . . . still in my eating window.. and by golly, I ate 'em.


                I really thought that when giving up all those other things, magical stuff would happen... but it hasn't.

                However, it's only been a month, but you'd think a month would be enough to see SOMETHING, so I must just be eating too much.

                Ah well, I'm giving myself until May 10th to not calorie count and if I balloon up to epic proportions, I'll start counting again.

                Thank you for your post. I appreciate it!



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                  Yeah, it's the mind games that get us every time!

                  It's taken me a couple of months to finally get that my body fat is FOOD. So if I eat one meal to satiety, then the rest of my calories will come from my body fat.
                  Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
                  Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
                  Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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                    Oh I hear ya!

                    Many times while hiking my stomach will rumble, growl and I will yell: "oh shut up! eat the fat off my a$$ or something!"

                    So annoying when it doesn't listen.


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                      I'd like to try IF, but I don't know which method would work better; the "Eating Window" or the 24-hour on and off.
                      I think the Eating Window is more me, because I'm not a huge breakfast person and I could easily skip it.

                      Man, even TALKING about skipping breakfast makes me feel guilty, as if someone is going to come and lecture me about
                      the importance of the first meal of the day.

                      Dragonfly, what IF method do you use?