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Skeptical about high fat as "primal"

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  • Skeptical about high fat as "primal"

    I have been converting to PB for a month now and finally went over, throwing out all dairy and grains as of this week. But I am skeptical about high fat. I am cooking with coconut oil and certainly enjoy high fat foods. But really: coconut oil? It's not like the cave men had ways of extracting oil. All oils seem like manufactured products to me. And the meats that cave men ate must have been fairly lean, as well, given the "free range" lives the animals led.

    I would be interested in responses. In general, I am feeling far more energetic, happier, more alert, and stronger, but I don't think I'm getting in as much fat as is recommended by Mr. Sissons.

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    You'll find this info elsewhere but it's 2:30 a.m. and I should be in bed, so here it is in a nutshell... primitive meats may have been leaner but overall the animals had plenty of fat. Cavemen would have eaten the entire animal, not just the choice bits so they took in lots of fat.
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      Also you have to look at it from a scientific perspective aswell on certain aspects. Cavemen probably didn't eat coconut oil, but coconut oil has health benefits and is certaínly not detrimental. The same goes for butter, vinegar, bacon etc.


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        Here's a link to a site with info on wild animal fat levels...

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          I know when not getting enough fat, I am hungry and wanting to snack..... that is how I judge if I am getting enough fat or not..

          I start craving fat, grab a little something high fat and the feeling is gone.. so listen to your body


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            Funny thing -- I could literally drink heavy cream every day, I think. Never have, because I figured it would make me fat (I am not exactly an Olympic gymnast now). But I am dropping the dairy entirely for now.


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              Traditional cultures managed to make coconut oil (the people from the pacific islands used it; check weston price) without modern industrial processing. I'm sure there is also a way to make olive oil without major manufacturing.

              Cave men would have hunted all types of animals, some fattier than others. There is evidence they hunted mammoths, cave bears and other large game that would have supplied a lot of fat. I guess the amount of fat in their diet would have been a reflection of their environment. So closer to the equator more carbs were eaten and further away people would eat more fats and protein.

              "Paleo" doesn't have to be high fat, but primal (a version of paleo) IS a high fat diet. There are plenty of benefits to running on fat but find out what works best for you. Just because a food/product wasn't available in the paleolithic doesn't mean it is bad for you and has no benefits.
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                I see a lot of folks posting they eat a lot of coconut, milk, oil, you name it.
                Sure, they are high fat, but also high saturated fat, not mono- and poly unsaturated fat.
                I include them, but I eat them in moderation and focus on getting fat from as much different sources of food as possible.
                It's still very primal to eat a lot of fat. Also I don't think getting 50% of your calories from fat is a high-fat diet, as you can get an equal amount of grams of fat, proteine and carbs while doing so. It's just that the fat is more calorically dense, hence why it seems you're eating 'high-fat'.
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                  Personally, I think it's a mistake and very limiting to get hung up on "Cavemen wouldn't have done _____ or eaten _____." Just go with it, see how you "look, feel, perform," (Robb Wolf), and if it works keep doing it. If it doesn't work, tweak it.

                  Good luck... sounds like it IS working well for you so far!
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                    I saw a show recently - I THINK it was one of Les Stroud's new shows - where a group of men went on a hunt for a wild brush porcupine in Africa (I think). When they caught the thing, they threw it on a fire to burn off the quills. Then all the hunter men ate all of the surface fat. Great gobs of surface fat, like scooping up ice cream. Partly because they needed to replenish the energy they expended in the hunt but also because the fat spoils more quickly. They brought the comparatively leaner meat back to the tribe.

                    Yeah. You need fat. Fat means energy.
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                      I was watching Deadliest Catch the other day. One of the boats mentioned that when they do have time to cook, the cook very fatty meals (lots of eggs, bacon, sausage) because the fisherman burn so many calories staying up and doing that job. The only carbs the have are from a few slices of bread used to hold all the other stuff.

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                        Even supposedly lean game animals (deer especially) carry plenty of fat, there is just not a lot of intramuscular marbeling. HG cultures and even sane modern cultures eat that fat and the organs and bone marrow and brain and all the good bits, not just muscle meat.

                        As for coconut oil, really don't care. It's healthy and it tastes good.

                        The point is not to recreate the paleo era like some crazed civil war re-enactor, it's to take evolution and human history as a guide to what is healthy based on what we "grew up" eating.


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                          seriously....all animals have fat. if you dont think, check out the cheek meat on any animal...this is the fattiest cut i have prolly ever seen.... not to mention tails/legs are full or marrow(beeeefff shank!!)
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                            Just watch the show "Weird Eats" on the Travel Channel. Andrew Zimmern travels all over the world to try the foods of different cultures. These are people eating the way they did centuries's not unusual for them to prize the fat and suck on cubes of it, as if it were sugar. Interesting stuff.
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