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gastritis/heartburn type problems

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  • gastritis/heartburn type problems


    For the past 5 years I have suffered from a heartburn type of chest pain in my upper chest. I have been to countless doctors almost all of which have told me it is most likely heartburn or gastritis and have prescribed nexium or other similar drugs to no avail. I have even had an endoscopy in my stomache which came back without any serious problems in my stomache but the doctors still said it was some gas problems or stress related.

    It was around that time (oct 2010) that I read the PB and since around that time I have been following the diet quite regularly. I have been making most of my meals from the PB cookbook and haven't ingested grains processed foods and unnatural sugars for quite some time. A normal day would consist of 2-3 hardboiled or fried eggs a small bowl of large curd cottage cheese with blueberries, black berries and other berries, stews using fresh veggies (kale spinach carrots etc) or salmon with cauliflower rice and a huge dose of other veggies (covered in approved oils usually olive oil). I snack on handfulls of pecans almonds walnuts. I've been taking two 1400 mg fish oils a day one at breakfast one at dinner and a probiotic with a baby aspirin after breakfast too.

    I get ample amounts of sleep, exercise well and would consider my life pretty stress free. I weigh 170 at 6ft3in.

    However my symptoms of whatever it is that I have, while having gone down about 20 percent, are still frequent annoyances. I'm not sure if the gas and belching with indegestion type effects are something I should worry about. Not sure if its normal even with being on the pb diet. Maybe it is my heart but all the doctors have also done regular blood tests and xrayed my heart saying it looks healthy.

    Any ideas of what I should do to further pursue recovering naturally or factors I have left out that I need to remedy?

    Any and all help is highly appreciated.


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    I'm not a doctor, but because I sometimes get pretty bad heartburn (and my mother has battled it all her life), I have read a lot about it.

    If your endoscopy came back ok, that at least rules out the really serious things, and probably rules out Helicobacter infections too (it's about 96% accurate, I think).

    How long did you try Nexium for? It usually takes months to work. Not that I'd suggest it as a first course of action (H2-blockers would be better, but even they have problems).

    Do you have any other symptoms? And would you say your heartburn comes on after eating, or before? After belching, or before?

    The test I want to have done myself is pH monitoring of the stomach and esophagus, to see if I have hypochlorhydria (too little stomach acid) or hyperchlorhydria (too much stomach acid).
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